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Firemind Wants To Make AWS-Powered Cloud Adoption a Seamless, Efficient, and Secure Process for Several industries.

We are Firemind. An AWS Advanced Partner that specialises in cloud strategy, data & analytical services and machine learning solutions.

We leverage deep technical expertise, creative and UX focused assets and data-driven intelligence to help modernise businesses using the cloud.

What Problem Are You Trying To Solve?

As an AWS Advanced Partner, we work with varied businesses across multiple industries (such as GameTech, Fintech, Retail, Public Sector and Telecommunications). We’re helping to solve the rising need for successful cloud adoption, scalability, security and well-architected frameworks. Ensuring they match the AWS five pillars of operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimisation. We use the right AWS tools to help our clients overcome varied challenges when building for the future in the cloud.

How Are You Solving That Problem?

We use the best AWS tools to help our clients overcome varied challenges when building for the future in the cloud. We craft our technical solutions with creativity and innovation in mind. We understand the need to have a comprehensive cloud strategy that is user friendly, secure and able to adapt and strengthen as our client’s businesses grow.

How Has The Pandemic Impacted Your Company?

The global pandemic created a boom in the cloud industry. With brick-and-mortar locations having to close or become heavily regulated for access, millions moved their business and shopping needs to the internet. This boom had a ripple effect across a variety of digitally native industries, leading to a need for Advanced Partners such as Firemind to fill the gap. 

Where Do You See Your Company Going In 5 Years?

We are at an important crossroads at the moment, defining our specialisations in advanced machine learning solutions, with a focus on data and analytics. The boom of the pandemic and the year on year growth in cloud services mean that companies have substantially more data online as well as more complex systems to manage and monitor that data. In the next 5 years, we are striving towards becoming the ‘go-to’ AWS Partner for these data rich companies. Providing highly adaptive solutions, using the latest machine learning tools available. This focus, coupled with our creative department’s expertise in user design and visualisation techniques, will enable us to craft technical solutions that are easy to use and intuitive. 

What Is The Next Big Challenge In Information Security?

We see the next big challenges ahead, from a security standpoint, as cloud attacks and blockchain/cryptocurrency attacks. With the popularity of cryptocurrency consistently growing, aided by the news and headlines that keep it active in social conversations, there will be a time where security measures and cloud security for AWS will be a priority necessity (not an afterthought).

According to Cybint, 95% of all cybersecurity breaches in 2021 are still caused by human error. Automation using simplified AWS Managed Services can dramatically reduce the opportunities for these human-led errors. Fortunately, we’re primed to deliver these services. 

How Do People Get Involved/Buy Into Your Vision?

As we are an innovative AWS Advanced Partner, we’re looking to work alongside growing digital natives as well as traditional clients who want to adopt the cloud using AWS. Businesses who want to use the best techniques that leverage the power of the cloud, such as AWS Control TowerAWS Config and AWS WAF.

You can learn more about us by visiting our website or you can get in touch today to speak about your cloud project.

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