The Top Industries That Utilize HPLC Testing

Scientists across many industries utilize high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) testing due to its accurate and efficient results. It leads to safer products for consumers and can follow industry standards. Are you wondering what industries it’s a part of? These are the top industries that utilize HPLC testing.

Cannabis Quality Control

HPLC allows consumers, retailers, and manufacturers to have full confidence in their products. The testing equipment will see everything from CBD products to cannabis concentrates and look for unwanted toxins while also performing cannabinoid profiling. Companies only want to put forth quality products on the market.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

There are laws in place requiring drugmakers to correctly label all components in products and pills to ensure safe usage. Scientists use high-performance liquid chromatography to search for impurities and rely on the accuracy of the equipment to check the drug’s composition. HPLC maintains the current medication’s quality and develops new pharmaceutical products for consumers. It means individuals can confidently take their medication.

Some pharmaceutical companies develop a relationship between HPLC with non-GLP compounds. This method may seem questionable, but rest assured, it’s to target the results of a specific study. High-performance liquid chromatography is used in a significant way in the pharmaceutical industry.

Forensics Field

The forensics field is a vital industry that keeps our communities safe. Scientists use HPLC equipment to determine compounds found in human bodily tissue and fluids, including organic poisons and drugs.

Forensic scientists prefer high-performance liquid chromatography over gas chromatography because it doesn’t have the same risks as gas chromatography. Gas has the potential to change the substances for analysis, whereas HPLC lets them avoid derivatizations. High-performance liquid chromatography testing equipment is incredibly sensitive and efficient, which is also why it’s preferred.

Food Safety

Consumers worry about the food they’re eating. Is it safe? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) puts rules into place to protect consumers. There are plenty of ways HPLC helps scientists enforce these laws and protect individuals from harm. HPLC testing equipment will search for toxic substances within food and supplements.

The Environment

Want to know how environmental scientists test the impact humans have on the world? You guessed it! It’s HPLC testing equipment. They also use it to ensure there are no contaminations in natural resources that local communities rely on to survive, like the water supply. There are three primary categories environmental testing uses HPLC for to find pollutants: soil, water, and atmosphere. In these three categories, scientists are looking for areas of concern, such as heavy metals levels, residual pesticides, and arsenic.

HPLC plays significant roles across multiple industries. Scientists can rely on the efficiency and accuracy of these high-tech machines.

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