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Cybersenshi Wants You to Know Why Cloud Computing-Powered Cybersecurity Is Important for Large, Medium and Small Businesses

As we’ve continually observed at Cybersenshi, Cloud computing has become a basic need for most companies. Having a cloud service helps in increasing productivity and delivering better internet services to your organization. Cloud computing security is also crucial as it prevents Cyber-attacks that can cause severe economic losses to your organization.

These attacks can lead to theft of corporate information, money robbery, sensitive financial data like payment card and bank details, and an overall disruption to trading. Affected businesses will incur costs associated with repairing affected systems which can become quite astronomical depending on the size and nature of the attack.

According to a statistics report from RiskBased, data breaches have exposed 36 billion records in the first half of 2020. Accenture also reports that 68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing. Having optimal and secure cloud computing security for your business has become a necessity with all these reports.

What Is in It for You in Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing security comes with several benefits, and its installation is not tedious. It is not expensive to set up and manage. Subscription plans are very affordable, depending on the size of your organization.

The impact of cloud computing security is significant among businesses and people. It provides a way for business organizations to secure their resources online. Information remains under protection while also being securely accessible anywhere and anytime.

Cloud computing security can bring about a dramatic reduction in maintenance costs because your organization will only subscribe to service pay-per-use rather than purchasing or building an entire data center infrastructure for security purposes.

Small businesses are not also left out as cloud computing security also provides many benefits to them. Some of the benefits include installing, securing, and maintaining IT services that will decrease labor and cost expenditure for efficient operation and maximum profits.

Scalability is also a key benefit of cloud computing security as clients can be flexible in scaling up and down their resources as required through a simplified process. Businesses can also require any service at any place and anytime. Cloud computing security settings also come with a disaster recovery plan that helps resolve any issue that may arise and recover clients’ data at a faster rate.

Cybersenshi Lends You Expert Hands to Help You Adopt Cloud Computing-based Cybersecurity

Having a partnership with Cybersenshi is essential for the best cloud computing security. As a company, we are committed to automating and simplifying how cybersecurity is carried out for professionals and business owners. We offer services such as Cybersecurity SaaS and scanning your website & API & network to discover cybersecurity holes before anyone else. We also automate cybersecurity testing, find your cybersecurity weaknesses for free, and create unique automated alerts against cyber threats.

Cybersenshi is also committed to protecting your business from cyber-crime that can potentially cause damages. Prevent your document theft in case of breach and create optimal trust between your business and customers. We deploy the best security measures to protect your sensitive data and save your business from regulatory sanctions.

Recently, we’ve launched Cloud Security testing where you test Amazon cloud for security issues. As an output from this testing, you will get a report concerning your security issues. You can access all these services via a click on the platform.

Kindly partner with us today and protect your business from information theft, money, financial information, and service disruption.            

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