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How To Get Followers On Instagram In 2022

Everyone who maintains an account on Instagram and wants to become a famous blogger sooner or later thinks about how to quickly and effortlessly increase their audience. In the conditions of competition and a huge number of creators in 2022, it is quite difficult for a beginner to achieve success, but still this goal is real if you have enough desire and motivation.

Today we will talk about how you can attract people’s attention to your profile and why you should definitely buy Instagram followers for this.

What to do first

Before you start working directly on the promotion, you need to beautifully design your profile so that it differs from millions of others and sets you apart from the competition. To do this, place the most important information about yourself in your bio, prepare interesting highlights and secure posts in which you talk about yourself and your activities.

Remember that the account nickname should not be a simple set of letters. It should be directly related to the topic of your blog and be easy to remember so that people can type it in the search bar from memory.

Also, before starting work on your startup, you should carefully study similar profiles, analyze the statistics of their posts, observe how the authors build communication with the audience and find out how relevant your topic is in society. This is necessary in order to understand at the initial stage what not to do and to avoid mistakes.

How to get your first audience

Next, we will tell you about several methods that will help you quickly promote your blog.

Manual set of audience

We decided to make this item first on our list for a reason. This is probably the most controversial method of all existing because users always have a lot of disagreements about it. If you want to buy real Instagram followers in order to achieve success faster and spend less time on it, then you are on the right track.

The myth that it is not safe should be dispelled because if you are using an experienced company, then you are not doing anything wrong. After this transaction, you get a certain number of new readers who will actively interact with you and be interested in your blog. This effect is achieved due to the fact that you can pre-select and name the parameters of the audience that you need.

Polls in stories

By using polls, you encourage your viewers to take a simple action that leads to a conversation with you. You can simply post a photo of yourself in the shopping mall fitting room without users even noticing, or you can post, using an Instagram post generator, a poll asking viewers to choose what you should buy today. So subscribers will feel that their opinion is important to you and will be active in your stories.

With polls, you can also find out what type of content your audience likes the most and what they would like to see in your account. This type of interaction has a positive effect on creating a warm and trusting atmosphere between the blogger and his readers.

Raffle gifts among users

Giveaway contests are something that always attracts users because everyone would like to receive something as a souvenir from their favorite blogger. This is a fairly simple method of warming up your audience because most of your readers are likely to be involved.

As a necessary action for participation, you can name a subscription to your account (or to a profile on another social network), a comment and a like on a post or repost of your publication in stories. This will allow you to get a small increase in the audience due to the fact that your post will appear in the feed of your viewers’ friends.

However, do not be surprised that after summarizing the results, a significant part of new subscribers may leave, because a large percentage of people follow some accounts just to try their luck and try to win something. Therefore, some part of the new audience will leave you, but some will remain.

Post tags

This method will not give you thousands of new subscribers, but it will help you attract a couple of dozen readers. When publishing a post, you can tag popular brands so that users can use these tags to go from the company account to yours. For example, if you want to tell your audience about how you drank delicious coffee for lunch, then tag the coffee shop account.

If you are in the photo, then you can mark the stores where you bought clothes for today’s outfit. This way you can tag up to 20 users in one post.

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