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  • Microsoft Patches 4 Additional Exchange Flaws

    This Data Breach alert was published at 13.04.2021 23.04 on Data Breach Today. NSA Calls on Exchange Customers to Update ImmediatelyMicrosoft issued patches for its on-premises Exchange Server software, addressing four new critical vulnerabilities discovered by the National Security Agency. A zero-day vulnerability in Desktop Window Manager was also disclosed and patched. Read the rest […] More

  • Intelligence Report: 4 Nations Pose Serious Cyberthreat to US

    This Data Breach alert was published at 13.04.2021 22.04 on Data Breach Today. ODNI: China, Russia, North Korea, Iran Can Launch Disruptive AttacksChina, Russia, North Korea and Iran continue to pose significant cybersecurity threats to the U.S. because each is capable of launching disruptive attacks, according to a report published Tuesday by the Office of […] More

  • Millions of Devices Potentially Vulnerable to DNS Flaws

    This Data Breach alert was published at 13.04.2021 20.49 on Data Breach Today. Report: Healthcare and Government Organizations Particularly at RiskForescout Research Labs and the Israeli security firm JSOF have found nine Domain Name System vulnerabilities affecting four TCP/IP stacks that, if exploited, could lead to remote code execution or denial-of-service attacks – potentially on […] More

  • Cyberattacks on Health Insurers Continue

    This Data Breach alert was published at 13.04.2021 20.19 on Data Breach Today. The Latest Victim: DC Blue Cross Blue Shield PlanA recent cyberattack on a Washington-based health plan, which the company believes was carried out by a foreign cybercrime group, is the latest in a series of hacking incidents targeting health insurers. Read the […] More

  • Former DHS Leader Shares Details on SolarWinds Attack

    This Data Breach alert was published at 13.04.2021 19.49 on Data Breach Today. Chad Wolf Confirms Attackers Gained Access to His Unclassified Email AccountsChad Wolf, the former acting secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, has confirmed the accuracy of an earlier news report that the SolarWinds supply chain attackers gained access to his unclassified […] More

  • Initial Access Brokers: Credential Glut Weakening Prices?

    This Data Breach alert was published at 13.04.2021 19.19 on Data Breach Today. Criminal Services Facilitate Cybercrime Gangs’ Rapid Access to Hacked SitesInitial access brokers continue to ply their trade, selling immediate access to hacked sites to make it easier for gangs to steal data and crypto-lock systems. But researchers say an overabundant supply of […] More

  • Using ‘Zero Trust’ Model to Enhance IoT Security

    This Data Breach alert was published at 13.04.2021 17.04 on Data Breach Today. Fred Streefland of Hikvision Addresses Misconceptions About the ModelAdopting the “zero trust” model is essential to ensuring security as organizations use more IoT devices, says Fred Streefland of Hikvision, a Chinese company that manufactures video surveillance equipment. He addresses misconceptions about the […] More

  • Modern Bank Heists: Attackers Go Beyond Account Takeover

    This Data Breach alert was published at 13.04.2021 13.34 on Data Breach Today. Tom Kellermann of VMware Carbon Black on Fraud Trends and Essential DefensesBrokerage account takeover, supply chain attacks, destructive attacks and those that seek to manipulate time or time stamps – these are among the latest threats uncovered in the new Modern Bank […] More

  • A Tale of 3 Data ‘Leaks’: Clubhouse, LinkedIn, Facebook

    This Data Breach alert was published at 13.04.2021 11.04 on Data Breach Today. Confusion Over Hacking, Scraping and Amassing Highlights Data Lockdown ImperativeCriminals love to amass and sell vast quantities of user data, but not all such data sets necessarily pose a fresh risk to users. Even so, the ease with which would-be attackers can […] More

  • Secure Logiq partners with Gaichu Managed Services to support their solutions and services globally

    DELAWARE CITY, Del., April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Gaichu Managed Services, a leading global provider of managed IT services, is pleased to announce a partnership with Secure Logiq, the industry’s leading independent manufacturer of IT hardware, optimized for HD Surveillance applications. Historically Secure Logiq supported UK and mainland Europe onsite warranty visits themselves and another […] More

  • SafeGuard Cyber Raises $45M In Strategic Growth Financing Led By NightDragon

    Digital Risk Protection Platform Secures Communications Across All Third-Party Social Media, Collaboration, and Mobile Chat Channels   CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., April 12, 2021 /CNW/ — SafeGuard Cyber, a leading SaaS-based platform dedicated to managing the entire lifecycle of Digital Risk Protection, announced it has raised $45 million of equity and debt led by NightDragon with participation from Cisco […] More

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