CleanCloud is Looking Forward to Correct Cloud-Stored Data Vulneravilities

CleanCloud is a cloud security startup based in Brazil with the only product with compliance verifications for the Brazilian Central Bank and its Data Protection Regulation, called LGPD. CleanCloud main product, called CleanCloud Score, is a CSPM, with hundreds of compliance checks for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

CleanCloud received a few early-stage investments and was part of acceleration programs from Endeavor ScaleUp and StartUp Chile.

What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

With a massive quantity of data on the public cloud points of vulnerability are increasing daily. And with that quantity of resources, it is nearly impossible to find it all without any product. You also should add more complexity into it since a customer’s cloud is constantly changing.

How Are You Solving That Problem?

CleanCloud provides a CSPM product is a (Cloud Security Posture Management) product for the public cloud. With a read-only permission it makes hundreds of compliance verifications for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud according to the main compliance frameworks and regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, ISO 27001 and , PCI and Bacen.

How Has the Pandemic Impacted Your Company?

The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation, increasing public cloud’s usage.  Also, since we all increased online habits, users became more aware of its personal data, and demanded companies to do so as well.

That movement increased the market demand for cybersecurity solutions, especially those related to cloud security – and so did the demand for CleanCloud Score,

Where Do You See Your Company Going In 5 Years?

We expect an international expansion, starting with AWS and Google Cloud Marketplaces.

One also should expect more data protection regulations around the globe, and CleanCloud keeping up to the challenge of providing public cloud compliance to them.

Also, the “shift left” moviment, the one which company look to improve the security during the CI/CD process, to ensure the resources go to production are complied with internal and other frameworks, should get more force with cloud computing continuous growth.

What Is the Next Big Challenge in Information Security?

Ensure internal data is continuously protected.

The power of data will only increase over time, so will malicious activities, making it crucial to all companies to make security part of its core business and value proposition.

How Do People Get Involved/Buy into Your Vision?

CleanCloud is always looking for great people to join our team and community, and partners to collaborate with us. Find out on our social media and website how we can work together to unleash all your cloud potential.

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