Waterloo’s Pioneering Business Intelligence Firms: Advancements in Threat Technology

This second article in the series continues to shine a light on stellar business intelligence firms that have sown their roots in the vibrant business environment of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. These companies have steadfastly added depth and diversification to the business intelligence industry, coupling modern technology trends with progressive business practises. This article brings focus to the following firms, each contributing uniquely to the collective intelligence and technology landscape present in Waterloo.

Tangam Systems

Strategically located in Waterloo, Tangam Systems specializes in business intelligence and software engineering. Facebook and LinkedIn provide insight into their software solutions and successes. You can also follow their development initiatives and industry contributions through their Twitter handle: @TangamSystems.

Majik Systems

Majik Systems’ groundbreaking work in business intelligence and IT is making waves in the industry, right from their base in Waterloo. This innovative firm prides itself in its ability to connect directly to your capital equipment and existing factory information systems, without the need for additional installation of hardware. Stay informed about Majik System’s latest trends and initiatives on Facebook, LinkedIn, and through their Twitter handle: @MAJiKsystems.

Data Perceptions Inc

At the helm of Data Perceptions Inc are Eric Sundin and Heather Sundin, who have firmly established the company as a major player in business intelligence, consulting, and cybersecurity, amongst other services. Operating out of Waterloo, Data Perceptions provides an array of services, all of which aim to revamp and revolutionize your current business operations. For more insights into their ground-breaking work, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Cogdina Inc is yet another shining gem from Waterloo that provides IT consulting services to global clientele. Led by founder Roshan Shah, this savvy software company specialises in diverse areas such as data integration, application migration services and more. You can follow their initiatives and software solutions on Facebook, LinkedIn, and their Twitter handle: @cogdina.


Founded by Mohamed Ramadan and Ramy Mamdouh, COREations is a name that is rapidly gaining significance in the business intelligence, IT, Marketing, Software, Web design, and Web development industry in Waterloo. Stay in touch with them and be inspired by their creative ideas via their Facebook, LinkedIn and their Twitter page: @COREations.

Northsail Software

Create, innovate, and impress – these are the tenets that Northsail Software adheres to. As another vibrant addition to Waterloo’s Business Intelligence Industry, this Agency develops high-end software solutions for a broad range of clients. For a taste of their projects and successes, visit their LinkedIn page or stay informed through their Twitter handle: @northsailio.

Genuity Business Intelligence Solutions

Completing this lineup of Waterloo-based business intelligence powerhouses is Genuity Business Intelligence Solutions. This firm is a one-stop-shop for all business intelligence solutions, providing everything from consulting to training, to scoping, planning, and data architecture. To learn more about their complete service range, you can follow them on LinkedIn.

This lively array of firms continues to dynamically shape the business intelligence landscape in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, an echo of the overall thriving tech industry that this area is known and celebrated for.

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