Fortaleza’s Pioneering Firms Revolutionizing Brazil’s Business Intelligence Landscape

Threat Technology is a developing field, providing companies with ways to identify, protect against, and manage potential threats, which could harm their business. In line with this emergence, we acknowledge several formidable companies headquartered in Fortaleza, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil that are shaping the Business Intelligence industry.

These companies range from big corporations to dynamic startups. All are utilizing Threat Technology in innovative ways to protect and grow their business. This article will dive deeper into some of the most influential companies in this sector, their founders, and their contributions to the Business Intelligence industry in Brazil.

Regardless of their size or years in the industry, these corporations have shown remarkable promise and potential, which deserves proper recognition. Therefore, we aim to shine a light on their innovative activities, endeavors, and substantial contributions to the world of Business Intelligence.

Grupo Edson Queiroz

Founded by Edson Queiroz, Grupo Edson Queiroz is a notable player in several sectors, including agriculture, business development, business intelligence, energy, food and beverage, and real estate. With its headquarters in Fortaleza, the company has shown exceptional performance and promises remarkable potential for the future. Follow Grupo Edson Queiroz on LinkedIn for latest updates on their developments.


Ajax is a consulting company that specializes in business intelligence, information technology, outsourcing, and project management. Based in Fortaleza, Ajax offers innovative solutions for businesses looking to leverage technology for their growth and development. Stay connected to their updates via Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ipanema Comunicação

Ipanema Comunicação also deserves honorable mentions in this list. Operating within the advertising, brand marketing, business intelligence, content creators, and web development categories, this company has proven to be a valuable player. Follow them on Facebook or LinkedIn for more.


Founded by Diego Platin, Profectum is another notable consulting company specializing in business intelligence and management consulting. With a focus on process and project management, Profectum aims to improve organizational efficiency. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.


Cobcred is a star player in the big data, billing, business intelligence, machine learning, and virtual assistant industry domains. Follow their journey via their Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin platforms.

Tecla T

Operating within the business intelligence, information technology, and software industry, Tecla T stands head and shoulders above many companies. They continue to innovate, setting new standards in their sector. Follow them via their Facebook and Linkedin pages to stay informed about their monumental strides.

RBL Networks

RBL Networks is a company passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Their team works towards using collaborative technological solutions to serve their customers better. You can connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

In conclusion, the Business Intelligence sector in Fortaleza, Brazil, is teeming with companies that are pioneering in Threat Technology. Their contributions are not only benefiting their local markets, but also making a significant impact on the global business landscape. Their innovative practices, combined with unwavering dedication to improving business processes, make these companies undeniable role models for those aspiring to make their mark in the industry. Truly, the future of Business Intelligence looks promising in the capable hands of these Brazilian trailblazers.

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