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CionSystems Wants to Secure Enterprise Authentification Processes

CionSystems started with the vision to become the premiere cloud-based single Identity, authorization, and authentication provider for all types of enterprise applications, regardless of their location and platform. Our mission was to create a service/solution that provides a single identity, authentication, and access management platform for all enterprise applications and SaaS applications, whereby corporate IT system managers can monitor access, control permissions, harden security and protect data for each individual employee, at the click of a button.

After years of R&D, CionSystems has developed millions of lines of unique code to produce the world’s most advanced, well-structured, documented, and easy-to-use product suite for solving the most critical problems in Microsoft Active Directory, Office 365, and Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Identity & Access Management (IAM).  We now have a fully developed end-to-end Identity, Access and Authentication solution that addresses pervasive enterprise issues across on-premise and cloud environments. Currently, enterprises use point solution for these challenges from various vendors. These solutions FAIL to provide a comprehensive, cohesive strategy for enterprise security.

What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

The proliferation and prevalence of enterprise vulnerability and breach exposure resulting from the inability to securely manage Active Directory has yielded a critical need for CionSystems’ suite of products and solutions.

To truly comprehend the value of CionSystems’ solutions, it is important to first understand what Active Directory is, and why it is critical to protect.

Active Directory is the “Vault” of all privileges and credentials to all Enterprise ASSETS. It keeps inventory of all assets, ID’s, access controls, and policies across the entire enterprise digital infrastructure, and determines who is granted access and which environments they are allowed to access. Active Directory holds the “master keys” that unlock every account, server, and data repository. However, it is NOT secure, as it was developed many years ago, without basic security protocols that are now the industry standard.

Further complicating the matter, is the widespread misperception that once Active Directory is configured, the enterprise doesn’t need to carefully monitor or have visibility into this very dynamic directory. When Active Directory was first released 20 years ago, the world was different place, and connectivity was limited.

Recent breaches that had global news coverage, such as SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, and JBR meat suppliers, were all exploits of Active Directory vulnerabilities. It is important to realize that for every breach story that makes headlines, there are THOUSANDS more that do not get such pubilicity.

Some of the shortcomings of Active Directory that have exacerbated enterprise problems and made companies more vulnerable than ever before, include:

  • Lack of visibility – With a black box solution, IT personnel are clueless to ongoing changes.
  • Legacy policies – M&A growth and IT executive turnover has led to a plethora of unused “legacy” systems that are NOT monitored, and make it more difficult to securely integrate new changes in enterprise digital infrastructure.
  • Entitlement creep & many administrative accounts – Keeping track of permissions and access has become unmanageable for most enterprises, as years of provisioning and ineffective de-provisioning without efficient tracking have left environments in disarray.
  • Orphaned credentials, policies, objects, folders – As employees leave organizations over time, old credentials and policies expose critical data to potential breach by malicious actors.
  • Lack of proper management, procedures and tools – Historically, companies have taken a “patchwork” approach to cybersecurity, which has created severe challenges for implementing proper monitoring and management of enterprise tools and software applications.

Gone are the days when only sophisticated hackers could bring an enterprise to its knees. As the recent explosion in corporate breaches indicates, hackers have realized that Active Directory is the “weak link” within the enterprise, and exploiting those vulnerabilities gets them the keys to the kingdom.

How Are You Solving That Problem?

CionSystems’ solutions is an end-to-end Identity, Access and Authentication solution that addresses pervasive enterprise issues across on-premise and cloud environments. Our solution allows businesses to effectively, efficiently and economically manage security for both on-premise and off-premise systems, applications, and data. It easily and quickly identifies the vulnerabilities and hardens the environment with a point-and-click solution. Furthermore, it provides dashboards, proper management of access and privilege controls, and provides real-time alerts for any changes that can jeopardize the enterprise.

The software management suite consists of several distinct software modules that can be used independently, or in any combination, depending on the needs of each customer.  CionSystems currently offers three (3) Enterprise Products:

Enterprise Identity Manager

  • A complete suite for managing Identity Access and Authentication for enterprises.

Cloud SSO Manager

  • Cloud-based, start-of-the-art solution for identity administration and access control

Cloud Office365 Manager

A complete suite for increasing productivity, security, and compliance while simplifying the management and synchronization of on-premise AD, Microsoft Office 365 Cloud, OpenLDAP, and Azure AD with Directory Synchronization.

How Has the Pandemic Impacted Your Company?

The recent pandemic has exacerbated security concerns for enterprises. The mass migration to Remote Workforce has created an increased threat of breaches and data theft. With all enterprise applications moving to the cloud (SaaS), all businesses face tremendous risk of remote exploitation on a much larger attack surface.

Recent studies have found that cyberattacks are targeting 95 million AD Accounts daily. 80% of all breaches have involved access/compromise of a privileged account. Enterprises of all kinds, regardless of their size, seem to have many high-privilege accounts. This situation arose because giving limited privilege to specific accounts is difficult with native tools. Mismanagement of this nature is exposing all Active Directory deployments to potential breach, and the numbers are staggering to say the least. Globally, over 90% of businesses run Active Directory, so in theory, directory mismanagement is exposing 90% of businesses to breaches.

We have solved these problems by creating the world’s most comprehensive, easily deployed, and cost-effective end-to-end Identity, Access and Authentication Management solutions.

Where Do You See Your Company Going In 5 Years?

CionSystems is poised to experience tremendous growth and expansion, capturing significant market share in the near and long-term. Our mission is to become the most widely used, premiere cloud-based single Identity, authorization, and authentication provider for all types of enterprise applications, regardless of their location and platform. For companies of all sizes, we will become a single point solution that provides an unmatched identity, authentication, and access management platform for all enterprise applications and SaaS applications, whereby corporate IT system managers can monitor, control permissions, harden security and protect data for each individual employee, with point-and-click simplicity.

What Is the Next Big Challenge in Information Security?

We believe IAM will become the fundamental challenge for all enterprises. We foresee more and more enterprises moving to multi-vendor cloud operations, along with their in-house enterprise infrastructure. It will be a challenge to solve all the interoperability issues, compounded with the fact that the directories involved will hold keys to the kingdom. Securing them will require a solution across multi-vendor cloud and IAM platforms.

How Do People Get Involved/Buy into Your Vision?

End with a description of who you want reaching out to you and how they can work with you? e.g. We want Amazon sellers to start collaborating with us. You can join our discord server here…

CionSystems offer yearly licensing for enterprise or cloud environments. License pricing is based on the number of active users in the Active Directory, or other non-Microsoft directories, with tiered volume discounts. We will work closely with our customers and others, to receive feedback on their ongoing challenges, so we can continue to enhance our solutions and address all the upcoming roadblocks and scenarios.

Anyone can download the following e-book to and learn how to harden Active Directory ( ). They can also schedule ( ) a 15 minute demo where we demonstrate common breach points along with CionSystems solution.

Our value-add proposition is simple – We are an end-to-end Identity, Access and Authentication solution that  addresses pervasive enterprise issues across on-premise and cloud environments. By implementing our solutions, our clients are realizing myriad benefits, such as:

  • Significant reduction in help desk workload and associated costs: Fewer user authentication issues means fewer calls to help desk for lost or forgotten identity.
  • Major reduction in overhead through automation: CionSystems’ solution automatically creates, updates, and removes user accounts as needed, and streamlines the tedious task of Internet user account management. 
  • Increased productivity: Rapid issue resolution and reduced frustration and wait-time for IT assistance enables increased employee productivity.
  • Dramatically enhanced security:  Automated user account deactivation removes unused access, and prevents identity exposure for hackers.
  • Increased compliance audit pass rates: With our centralized, auditable point of Internet application access, compliance audit pass rates improve.
  • Reporting: Provides a deep insight for faster troubleshooting, breach alerts, and remediation.

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