Sepior’s MPC Technology Integrated into sbiwallet, a New Wallet Service Launched by SBI Digital Asset Holdings

Sepior ApS and SBI Digital Asset Holdings (SBI DAH), the digital asset arm of the SBI Group, announced the integration of Sepior™ ThresholdSig software with the sbiwallet to provide digital asset custody solutions and banking services worldwide, enabling a flexible, scalable, and trustworthy digital asset ecosystem.

The partnership began nearly three years ago, when SBI Group first selected Sepior to jointly develop the industry’s first Multiparty Computation (MPC) based wallet in 2018. Since then, SBI has greatly expanded their investments, acquisitions and joint developments in the digital asset space, leading to the formulation of a comprehensive digital asset strategy under SBI Digital Asset Holdings Co., Ltd in 2020.

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“Sepior has proven to be a truly reliable and innovative partner,” said Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao, chief executive officer of SBI Digital Asset Holdings. “The digital asset market is evolving rapidly and we’ve expanded our focus to assist other financial institutions with their entry into this space. As we reviewed our customer’s solution requirements, Sepior proved once again to offer the most compelling cryptographic technology for us to integrate as part of our wallet and broader digital asset ecosystem.”

“SBI has been a fantastic customer and partner,” said Ahmet Tuncay, chief executive officer of Sepior. “Their breadth of ecosystem knowledge, cutting-edge mindset, and rigorous commitment to security and scalability has pushed us to develop what we believe is the most secure, flexible, scalable, and resilient digital asset technology available.”

About sbiwallet

sbiwallet is an institutional grade digital asset wallet and custody platform. It was designed from the ground up to address the needs for a trusted partner with best in class security, full compliance with regulatory requirements and flexible implementation. To this end, sbiwallet utilizes multiple approaches to ensure asset security, compliance and system security. At its core, it uses the latest MPC technology for transaction signing. Additionally, it enforces multi-level approvals plus compliance, AML and other checks on all transactions.

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About SBI Digital Asset Holdings Co., Ltd. and the SBI Group

SBI Digital Asset Holdings is the digital assets umbrella company of SBI Holdings Inc. Strategic investments and partners within both entities include B2C2, Borse Stuttgart Digital Exchange, BRD, R3, Ripple, and Sepior. SBI Holdings, Inc. was established in 1999 as a pioneer of Internet-based financial services. The company provides financial services in a wide range of categories, including securities, banking and insurance and has formed the world’s first Internet-based financial conglomerate. The SBI Group is one of the world’s leading investors into the digital asset industry and this partnership is a further reflection of that commitment.

 About Sepior ApS

Founded in 2014, in Aarhus, Denmark, Sepior is a pioneering provider of threshold key management technologies and solutions using secure Multiparty Computation (MPC). Sepior’s technologies provide advanced security for online financial transactions and enterprise data protection applications, such as cryptocurrency custodial wallets, public or private blockchains, and cloud-based SaaS offerings.

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