Cordoba’s Leading Enterprises Innovate in Business Intelligence Technology

Located in Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina, a number of innovative companies are making their mark in the Business Intelligence industry. These companies offer unique business solutions for a wide variety of sectors, including IT, Software, UX Design, and Consulting, taking advantage of the multitude of technologies available. This article aims to highlight some of the notable players that are shaping the business landscape from their headquarters in Córdoba.

Ayi Group

In the Business Intelligence industry, Ayi Group stands out and is primarily engaged in Consulting, Information Technology, Software, and UX Design. You can connect with Ayi Group on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Specializing in Application Performance Management, Business Intelligence, and Management Consulting, Novix has made its mark in the industry. For more information and updates, follow Novix on their LinkedIn and Twitter page.


GoAnalytics provides competitive and profitable solutions for improving business intelligence processes, optimizing times, and taking full advantage of new technologies. Connect with GoAnalytics on their LinkedIn page.


In the Analytics and Business Intelligence arena of the technology industry, Dicsys established itself as a key player. Stay updated with Dicsys on their LinkedIn and Twitter page.

Yuniku, Inc.

Engaged in Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Software, Yuniku, Inc. has positioned itself as a key player in the industry.


MovingBI provides comprehensive training, consulting, and development of Business Intelligence solutions. The team, made up of specialists in Backend and Frontend development, works with various Business Intelligence tools to provide valuable business insights. Connect with MovingBI on their LinkedIn page.


Operating in the Brand Marketing, Business Intelligence, CMS, Digital Marketing, and Web Design spaces, DANKA is a technology-driven creative agency specializing in strategic marketing, web portal creation, e-commerce, brand development, and business intelligence services. Follow DANKA on their LinkedIn and Facebook page.

The diversity and complexity of these companies reflect the dynamic nature of the Business Intelligence industry in Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina. Each offering unique solutions and services, their technological capabilities cater to various business needs, driving innovation in their respective industries.

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