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Bitdefender Review

If you need a good antivirus to keep your network safe, you might realize that it can be hard to find the perfect solution for your need. There are so many products on the market that all proclaim to offer the same things. You may feel that you are browsing through many antivirus products and not finding anything that meets your requirements.

Thankfully, Bitdefender is made to be better than those other free antivirus products that are always trying to get you to download them. It can complement a fast VPN to improve your overall internet browsing experience.

If you have wondered if Bitdefender is the right choice for your needs, this review will help you see why this product has been hailed as one of the best at an excellent value for antivirus protection. Read on to learn more about Bitdefender.

What Can Bitdefender Do For You?

Bitdefender is an antivirus program that offers features and benefits that you will not get from many other products in its niche. You will gain access to a set of protection options that can be purchased for as low as $19.99 per year. If you need to register five devices, you will need to pay $36 per year. This is a great price, and you will not find many other high-quality products at this rate.

Bitdefender has many excellent features that most people should consider essential to their antivirus protection model. You might have thought you would have to get your VPN from another provider and your ransomware protection from another, but with Bitdefender on your side, you can get everything you need from one provider.

Bitdefender Pros

  • Security-centered second-to-none features
  • Comes with VPN options
  • Active Do Not Track Function
  • Well-scored and tested for effectiveness
  • Excellent ransomware protection

This is one of the best products out there because it can access all the different needs for your small business or home network from one provider. You don’t need to get your VPN from one location and your antivirus from another when working with Bitdefender.

On top of these options, you will gain access to business functions that allow you to protect many different kinds of devices like laptops, desktops, file and mail servers, and even mobile devices. This is not a standard offering at this price point, and you would be hard-pressed to find any provider that would offer you this much for such a price.

You can cover four servers and 15 mailboxes, and the VPN is a perfect choice for your needs, even if you are just trying to protect your home browsing from attacks. If you travel frequently, you will love having the ability to gain access to a VPN option that will save you even when you are away from home or have to work on public WiFi. Even if you have a VPN to protect your browsing, always create a strong password for your log-in credentials.

Cons of Bitdefender

This provider does have a few drawbacks, but every company can improve on a few things. The biggest downside of your membership for antivirus protection is that it will not cover your VPN if you want unlimited VPN access. Unlimited VPN access is a separate subscription. This is a minor stumbling block, but for some people, it can be a big drawback.

The other issue is that real-time protection can be disabled, which can cause you to lose the benefits of ransomware-specific features. While this is not a common problem to experience, you might find that you could miss out on some security functions if you were not aware of this connection between the ransomware and this setting.

Bitdefender Offers Superior Protection for a Great Price

Suppose you want to avoid running all over looking for the right deal for your internet security and VPN needs. In that case, you need to consider Bitdefender as your best option for your home internet antivirus and ransomware protection needs. If you have a small business, this product can step up to the plate and take care of your needs for security.

Being able to protect all of the devices you are using with the same product and gaining access to a VPN can make this an easy choice for most people’s home and business needs. You will get excellent customer service, a quality product, and a reasonable price when choosing Bitdefender for your antivirus or antivirus plus needs.


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