• The free DropAdrop app helps eye patients with their post-surgery recovery, guiding them through the vital aftercare phase
  • Built by the OCL Vision clinic, the new app sends users reminder notifications whenever it’s time to take their eye drops
  • Technology was initially designed for those recovering from laser eye and cataract surgery, but is now being made available for any patient to use as an eye drop reminder
  • DropAdrop can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play

London, 26th August 2021 – A handy smartphone app called ‘DropAdrop’ has been launched by the independent eye clinic, OCL Vision, to help people remember to take essential eye drops, either as part of surgery aftercare or to treat various eye conditions. 

DropAdrop works by sending users detailed reminders via smartphone notifications that give instructions on what eye drops are required, as well as the correct dosage.

The app was initially designed to complement OCL Vision’s aftercare of patients undergoing ophthalmic surgery, such as laser eye surgery, lens and cataract surgery; but it has now been updated to benefit any patient as a drop reminder app.

Aside from surgery aftercare, DropAdrop can also be used by patients with chronic conditions like glaucoma, which requires daily eye drop treatment. The app also helps inform and advise people on the various surgeries available at the clinic, as well as providing information on how to put eye drops in safely.

The app was launched to tackle patient confusion with medication, which is common following surgery. Many patients are known to forget to take their eye drops exactly as prescribed, which can lead to complications further down the line. 

Laser eye surgery is currently experiencing a boom in the UK and the ongoing cost and hassle of wearing contacts or glasses is prompting almost two thirds of people with vision problems (63%) to say that they would like to be rid of them for good[1]. Laser eye surgery is a common and extremely safe procedure, but proper aftercare is essential and the app has already been received well by patients at OCL Vision. 

Dr Ali Mearza, founding partner of OCL Vision, comments: “The vast majority of our patients are smartphone-savvy and the idea of an app to help people remember their important eye medication made total sense.

“We are constantly taking feedback from our patients and app users to help streamline DropAdrop and make further improvements.

“Anyone can take advantage of the reminder function and use the app to find out more detailed information about eye surgery and dos and don’ts.

“Our next update will allow us to gain insights from our patients, and will include a feedback questionnaire on the quality of their vision. We are looking forward to seeing this app continue to grow and to helping even more people with their eye care needs.”


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