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5 Ways an IT Support Company Can Help Your Business Cybersecurity 

Enlisting an IT support company can make sure that your business cybersecurity is kept up to date, reducing your risk of attacks. Here are 5 of the ways that an IT support can help improve your business’s cybersecurity. 

Preventing Threats

When it comes to cybersecurity, it is always better to act preventatively before it’s too late. Having IT professionals in charge of your IT support means that they can effectively predict and prevent cybersecurity threats. 

They can assess your current IT system and assess what measures need to be implemented in order to keep your business’s cybersecurity watertight (find out more here). By identifying and neutralising threats, they can keep your company data safe and prevent your company from falling victim to cyberattacks. All of this will protect the leak of sensitive data, ensuring your company reputation is left intact.

Employee Training

IT support can provide invaluable employee training, something which is crucial for cybersecurity measures. 

Carrying out company-wide cybersecurity awareness training is imperative for companies who want to keep their data secure and particularly important for companies handling sensitive information like those operating in healthcare and finance. 

A spokesperson for GlobMed commented: “When it comes to data security, no matter what industry or sector you work in, it should always be at the forefront of your mind. In industries like healthcare, insurance and more, where particularly sensitive information is held, securing data and protecting the fundamentals is crucial.”

With human error being the leading cause of data breaches and cybersecurity attacks, it is more important than ever before to provide proper training for your employees. This includes teaching them how to recognise cybersecurity threats and what to do in given situations.

A key part of a complete cybersecurity plan is end-user training, educating your employees on how to identify cyber threats in their daily lives. The awareness training should also include sessions on compliance and privacy issues and password security, among other key topics.

Increased Employee Productivity

When your company is constantly facing cybersecurity issues, it can be all-consuming and leaves little room for employees to get on with their designated job. Dealing with viruses, threats or cyber attacks will take up precious time and energy of your staff and take them away from their work. However, if you have IT support in place, it will mean that your employees can concentrate on their jobs without interruptions. IT support will make sure that all systems are running smoothly so that your workforce can work productively and efficiently,

Protect a Remote Workforce

One of the best functions of IT support is that they can help your business cybersecurity regardless of where your employees are working. 

Due to the rise in remote working, cyber criminals have had increased opportunities to take advantage of companies. However, security breaches often come from inside the organisation itself due to human error or working from an unsecure network. 

When you invest in IT support, you can have complete control over remote workers’ devices, regardless of where they are in the world. IT teams can help to enforce strong passwords, data encryption and two-factor authentication to keep company data safe across multiple devices and locations.

Stay On Top Of Legal and Compliance Risks

Having proper IT support in place can ensure that you are staying on top of compliance issues and that you are conducting your business operations in line with the law and all regulatory requirements. If you need more information, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NSCC) has more information.

When companies do not transition from unsupported software, they can find themselves liable to fines when their company is audited. With legislation constantly changing, it can be difficult to stay on top of compliance issues and enforce the latest regulations across the company.

Working with an IT support company can make sure that you are ticking all the boxes when it comes to compliance so that you don’t miss anything and get caught out. They can take responsibility for full staff training so that compliance is properly rolled out across the company. 

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