20 Best Security Researcher Podcasts of 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about security researcher? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best security researcher podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Security Researcher Podcasts 2021

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Suspicious Transaction Report

  • Publisher: Royal United Services Institute
  • Total Episodes: 34

The Suspicious Transaction Report is a fortnightly podcast hosted by the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies at RUSI. The podcast is formed of two sections. Firstly, there is an informative round up of the latest financial crime news discussed by the host and two guest contributors. Guests will give their perspective on why the latest news matters, pointing to long-term trends and what these could mean for different stakeholders. The second half of the podcast will deep-dive into a new piece of financial crime research. This one-to-one interview between the host and lead researcher will offer “behind-the-scenes” insights and practical advice on how to implement the latest financial crime research in the real world.


  • Publisher: VICE
  • Total Episodes: 132

Hacking. Hackers. Disinformation campaigns. Encryption. The Cyber. This stuff gets complicated really fast, but Motherboard spends its time embedded in the infosec world so you don’t have to. Host Ben Makuch talks every week to Motherboard reporters Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai and Joseph Cox about the stories they’re breaking and to the industry’s most famous hackers and researchers about the biggest news in cybersecurity.

ShadowTalk Threat Intelligence by Digital Shadows

  • Publisher: Digital Shadows
  • Total Episodes: 206

Digital Shadows’ ShadowTalk discusses the latest threat intelligence and cybersecurity news with our panel of threat intelligence experts, security engineers, security researchers, and more.

The 443 – Security Simplified

  • Publisher: Secplicity
  • Total Episodes: 151

Get inside the minds of leading white-hat hackers and security researchers. Each week, we’ll educate and entertain you by breaking down and simplifying the latest cybersecurity headlines and trends. Using our special blend of expertise, wit, and cynicism, we’ll turn complex security concepts into easily understood and actionable insights.

Symantec Cyber Security Brief Podcast

  • Publisher: Security Response Team
  • Total Episodes: 164

Our regular podcast series features threat research and security news, hosted by threat researchers from the Threat Hunter Team.

The Threatpost Podcast

  • Publisher: Mike Mimoso, Chris Brook
  • Total Episodes: 330

Threatpost writers Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook discuss security threats, attacks, vulnerability research and trends with a variety of industry executives, researchers and experts.

The Industrial Security Podcast

  • Publisher: Ran Levi
  • Total Episodes: 100

Your lights are on, your car runs, because industrial systems work 24/7 to keep our lives ticking. But what happens when those systems—the very pillars of modern society—are threatened? Hosted by Nate Nelson and Andrew Ginter, The Industrial Security Podcast takes a deep-dive into the most pressing emerging issues in SCADA technologies today. But don’t just take our word for it: each new episode of the show features a leading voice in the world of industrial control systems security. You’ll hear from executives, engineers, researchers and more, each with their own unique take on what’s wrong with how we do things today, and how to fix it. ICS security is complicated. Here is where it all comes together.

Lock and Code

  • Publisher: Malwarebytes
  • Total Episodes: 30

Welcome to Lock and Code, a Malwarebytes cybersecurity podcast. Every two weeks, we dig deep into cybersecurity’s most vexing topics, speaking to the researchers and engineers at Malwarebytes, as well external guests from major companies and organizations. Whether analyzing deepfakes, guarding data privacy, debunking VPN myths, or simply understanding how a garage door opener can be easily hacked, we’re here to learn about it all.

Cyber Security Café

  • Publisher: Beverley Roche
  • Total Episodes: 19

Interested in staying safe online or a cyber security professional? Leading cyber security consultant and advisor, Beverley Roche talks to global experts, academics and researchers to provide insights on the issues impacting the cyber security profession and our connected life. If you’re interested in updates on current professional practice or protecting your online experience against criminal or unauthorised access, this podcast will help you with tips to protect your online identity and data.

Decipher Security Podcast

  • Publisher: Decipher
  • Total Episodes: 83

The editors of Decipher talk with a rotating cast of security practitioners, researchers, and executives about a variety of topics in the security and privacy fields.

Security Tools Podcast

  • Publisher: Varonis, Kody Kinzie
  • Total Episodes: 172

Join us and learn about the security tools that pentesters, security researchers and other experts use every day. Hear directly from tool authors on what inspired them and how to get started with your own security research. Sponsored by Varonis

Contakt World: Truth in Health

  • Publisher: iHeartRadio
  • Total Episodes: 9

What happens when a global pandemic and unprecedented socioeconomic injustice meets real people? In this new series brought to you by Contakt World — hosts Justin Beck, Catherine Delcin, and Deepti Pahwa talk with top researchers and trusted experts to tackle issues that matter to people and the communities globally. Issues like public health, vaccines, social and racial justice, health equity, equality, fragility, fear-mongering, insecurity, community-based care and a whole lot more than just buzzwords. Contakt World is the voice of the people and for the people.Consider “Contakt World” your life raft of protection in the age of disinformation. You deserve to understand what goes on in their neighborhood, and more importantly, you deserve the chance to be heard and make a difference.Together we can stop the spread. To learn more visit Contakt.World.

Feeding 9 Billion Podcasts: “The Haven Project” and “Food Secure Future”

  • Publisher: Feeding9Billion
  • Total Episodes: 15

THE HAVEN PROJECTThis post-apocalyptic audio drama will immerse you in a world where climate change has severely affected agricultural production, and humanity’s survival is threatened by food insecurity. The citizens of Haven are a minority group that enjoys plentiful fresh food, partly thanks to their location in the now-temperate north, and partly due to proprietary technological advancements that they keep under wraps. How long can Haven thrive in this bleak world, and how will they deal with the threat of Outsiders? Explore some of the causes of food insecurity, as well as some real-world advancements that might help us overcome it in this interdisciplinary educational initiative from Feeding 9 Billion. FOOD SECURE FUTUREThe Food Secure Future Podcast brings together experts from the field to discuss how to feed the future in a way that is healthy, sustainable, and nutritious. In this series of interviews, researchers from the University of Guelph tease out existing technical and social barriers to food security, and explore new technologies and policies that have the potential to improve global food security in the future. Hosted by Dr. Evan Fraser, Director of the Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph.

Talos Takes

  • Publisher: Cisco Talos
  • Total Episodes: 31

A weekly show rounding up the top cyber security news, featuring Talos researchers and analysts.

Swansea Cyber Law and Security Podcast

  • Publisher: Cyber law and security news with Sara Correia and Patrick Bishop.
  • Total Episodes: 13

Welcome to the Swansea Cyber Law & Security Podcast. Sara Correia and Patrick Bishop bring you some news and discussion on the cyber law and security happenings of the last month. The views expressed on this podcast are personal and do not represent those of our employers or partner organisations. ​ – Sara Correia is an ESRC doctoral researcher at the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law – formerly the College of Law and Criminology, Swansea University (@SGCorreia).
 – Dr. Patrick Bishop is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law – formerly the College of Law and Criminology, Swansea University (@p_bishop). ​ Opening Credit’s Music: Život je Fuzz by Neuroleptic Trio(licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License). ​ Podcast logo design by Beatriz Lima. This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0):

FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Podcast

  • Publisher: FortiGuard Labs
  • Total Episodes: 55

The FortiGuard Labs Threat Intelligence Podcast provides highlights and commentary about the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. Join Fortinet’s top threat experts as they delve into today’s critical cybersecurity topics. FortiGuard Labs is the global threat intelligence and research organization at Fortinet. Its mission is to provide customers the industry’s best threat intelligence to protect them from malicious cyberattacks. Using millions of global network sensors, FortiGuard Labs monitors the worldwide attack surface and employs artificial intelligence (AI) to mine that data for new threats. The efforts of the global team of experienced threat hunters, researchers, analysts, tool developers, and data scientists enable FortiGuard Labs to keep all Fortinet products updated with the best threat identification and protection information available

Fragile Truths

  • Publisher: Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law
  • Total Episodes: 4

This podcast is about distilling the most important findings of cutting edge research, and capturing conversations between researchers and policy officers about the ideas and assumptions driving current Security & Rule of Law policy. As we find out, what may be assumed as a reliable fact or a solid truth can sometimes crack under scrutiny. The research featured in the series are part of the Security and Rule of Law research program of NWO-WOTRO (Science for Global Development), funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and curated by the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law.

Ethics in AI

  • Publisher: Oxford University
  • Total Episodes: 15

Over the last decade, concerns about the power and danger of Artificial Intelligence have moved from the fantasy of “Terminator” to reality, and anxieties about killer robots have been joined by many others that are more immediate. Robotic systems threaten a massive disruption of employment and transport, while algorithms fuelled by machine learning on (potentially biased) “big data” increasingly play a role in life-changing decisions, whether financial, legal, or medical. More subtly, AI combines with social media to give huge potential for the manipulation of opinion and behaviour, whether to sell a product, influence financial markets, provoke divisive factionalism, or fix an election. All of this raises huge ethical questions, some fairly familiar (e.g. concerning privacy, information security, appropriate rules of automated behaviour) but many quite new (e.g. concerning algorithmic bias, transparency, and wider impacts). It is in this context that Oxford is creating an Institute for AI Ethics, to open up a broad conversation between the University’s researchers and students in the many related disciplines, including Philosophy, Computer Science, Engineering, Social Science, and Medicine (amongst others). The Ethics in AI seminars are intended to facilitate this broad conversation, exploring ethical questions in AI in a truly interdisciplinary way that brings together students and leading experts from around the University.

F5 Labs Threat Research

  • Publisher: Swante Bleakley
  • Total Episodes: 12

In this companion podcast, the 2019 F5 Labs Application Protection Report researchers examine how both apps and threats are changing, and what security practitioners can do to stay ahead of these changes.

The OT and IoT Security Podcast

  • Publisher: Andrea Carcano
  • Total Episodes: 30

Andrea Carcano and industry experts discuss topics that are important to the OT and IoT security community. This includes current cybersecurity threat intelligence, trends, and challenges. If you work in security or operations, or you are a researcher, you’ll find episodes of interest. Andrea Carcano is an expert in critical infrastructure cybersecurity, he has worked on the security team of a major oil and gas company, and he is the co-founder of Nozomi Networks.


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