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Removing Personal Information from Nuwber and Protecting Privacy: A Guide

Key Takeaways

  • Opting out of Nuwber is possible, but it is just one of many data brokers buying and selling personal data.
  • Data brokers pose risks to consumers, according to a report by the US Federal Trade Commission.
  • Individuals can manually remove themselves from databases or use data removal services like Incogni, Privacy Bee, or DeleteMe.
  • Incogni contacts up to 100 data brokers, Privacy Bee contacts up to 200 data brokers and offers additional features like data breach monitoring, and DeleteMe contacts 30+ data brokers and provides progress reports.


In today’s digital age, personal information is more accessible than ever before. With just a few clicks, anyone can find a wealth of information about an individual, including their contact details, address history, and even criminal records. One such platform that provides this information is Nuwber, a people-search site that collects data from various sources and makes it available to the public. However, many individuals are concerned about their privacy and want to know how they can get their information off of Nuwber. In this article, we will explore the options available for removing personal information from Nuwber and discuss the broader issue of data brokers and their impact on consumer privacy.

Understanding Data Brokers

Before diving into the specifics of removing information from Nuwber, it is important to understand the concept of data brokers. Data brokers are companies that collect, analyze, and sell personal information to third parties. They gather data from various sources, including public records, social media platforms, and online transactions. This information is then compiled into comprehensive profiles that can be used for marketing, background checks, and other purposes. While data brokers claim to provide a valuable service, their practices have raised concerns about privacy and security.

The Risks of Data Brokers

According to a report by the US Federal Trade Commission, data brokers pose several risks to consumers. Firstly, the information they collect can be used for identity theft and fraud. With access to personal details such as social security numbers and financial records, criminals can easily impersonate individuals or gain unauthorized access to their accounts. Secondly, data brokers often lack transparency in their operations, making it difficult for individuals to know what information is being collected and how it is being used. This lack of transparency can lead to a loss of control over personal data and a violation of privacy rights. Lastly, data brokers have been known to sell information to unscrupulous individuals or organizations, further compromising the security and privacy of individuals.

Removing Information from Nuwber

If you are concerned about your information being available on Nuwber, there are several options available to remove it. The first option is to manually remove yourself from the Nuwber database. This involves visiting the Nuwber website, searching for your name, and following the instructions provided to opt out of their database. While this method can be effective, it can be time-consuming and may not guarantee complete removal from all data sources.

Data Removal Services

Alternatively, you can use data removal services that specialize in removing personal information from data brokers like Nuwber. These services streamline the process by contacting multiple data brokers on your behalf and requesting the removal of your information. One such service is Incogni, which contacts up to 100 data brokers and provides a comprehensive report of the progress made. Another option is Privacy Bee, which contacts up to 200 data brokers and offers additional features like data breach monitoring. Lastly, DeleteMe is a service that contacts 30+ data brokers and provides progress reports to keep you informed. These services can save you time and effort, ensuring that your information is removed from as many data sources as possible.


In an era where personal information is readily available online, it is important to take steps to protect your privacy. Nuwber, a people-search site, is just one example of a data broker that collects and sells personal information. While opting out of Nuwber is possible, it is crucial to recognize that there are many other data brokers out there. To truly safeguard your privacy, consider using data removal services like Incogni, Privacy Bee, or DeleteMe, which can contact multiple data brokers on your behalf and ensure that your information is removed. By taking proactive measures, you can regain control over your personal data and protect yourself from the risks associated with data brokers.

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