R. E. Gilmore Investments Corp. (Gilmore) managing a cyber incident

KANATA, ON, March 19, 2021 /CNW/ – In the early morning of March 12, 2021, R. E. Gilmore Investments Corp. experienced a ransomware attack.

To protect its network and data, Gilmore promptly turned off its services and retained an external cyber incident response firm to help it with safe and prompt service restoration. Gilmore’s information technology team and the expert have been working tirelessly since last Friday, and Gilmore confirms that the majority of services came online early this week. The cyber incident response firm has certified Gilmore’s network as being free of malware but is monitoring it continuously. Gilmore is also working with the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre) with respect to this incident.

“We are deeply sorry for what has happened,” said Paul Brennan, Vice-President Finance. “This has caused an upsetting disruption to many of our clients for which we are responsible and will address. Right now, we are committed to continued hard work and open communication.”

Interactions with the threat actors earlier in the week gave us strong indications that they do not have any data in their possession. While encouraged, Gilmore will nonetheless have its expert conduct a thorough investigation including, to determine how the hackers compromised its network. “We will learn how this happened and examine any deeper causes, and we will make adjustments so we are stronger,” said Brennan.

Gilmore has reported the incident to the authorities and will provide them with its cooperation.

About R.E. Gilmore Investments Corp.

R.E. Gilmore Investments Corp. provides technology and business service solutions designed to simplify the complex business needs of large corporate institutions. Through the Gilmore Group of Companies, the Corporation offers commercial printing, supply chain, IT, and reproduction services to its global clients. The Gilmore corporate headquarters is located in Kanata, Ontario, Canada.

SOURCE R.E. Gilmore Investments

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