NFL Leverages Titan HST to Enhance Emergency Mass Communication Capabilities

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Titan HST, a leading provider of multi-patented next-gen emergency response systems, announced today that its two-way mass communication platform is being utilized by the NFL security team to ensure safety and security of its staff, facilities and vendors during tentpole events. Titan HST provides the NFL with a nimble and robust communication system, allowing them to quickly and efficiently navigate a variety of situations, including events relating to adverse weather, medical emergencies, security related incidents, and more, in their day-to-day operations, during games, and at major events such as the Super Bowl. The Titan HST two-way mass communication platform connects the NFL security team with key individuals including staff, vendors, guests and more via mobile app, text message, e-mail, web and auto-call.  

Titan HST (PRNewsfoto/Titan HST)

“We operate in a highly dynamic environment where any number of security situations can arise every day, and it’s extremely important for us to have the ability to quickly mobilize and communicate with all stakeholders,” said Rob Gummer, Director, NFL Global Security Operations Center. “With any situation that arises, the Titan HST platform allows our team to communicate in real-time with involved individuals, fully understand and analyze the situation and mitigate or address the issue, instantly. Having the ability to leverage fast mass communication through Titan HST in the event of severe weather, power outages, and other emergency situations empowers the NFL in its goal of always improving and enhancing its business continuity and security protocols to keep staff and guests safe and ensure the continuation of organizational operation with minimal disruption.” 

“We are extremely proud to support the NFL as they leverage Titan HST to streamline communications, prevent disruptive situations from occurring and reduce emergency response time during games including the Super Bowl, and in its day-to-day operations,” said Vic Merjanian, CEO of Titan HST. “During extreme weather or high-capacity events that can disrupt local cellular and Wi-Fi infrastructure, it is imperative to have a reliable system that allows emergency communication even when networks are most impacted or down. Titan HST provides communication capabilities by employing standard off-the-shelf consumer devices like iPhone and Android smartphones to create an encrypted and low-battery-impact ad-hoc device-to-device network through invisible, secure and automatic Mesh Networking. From stadiums to schools, our advanced technologies and robust feature set offers an unparalleled solution for security professionals across all industries.”

The Titan HST system reduces emergency response time on average by 50 percent through a host of cutting-edge technology features, including:

  • Anyone with a cell phone, smartphone or computer can access the Titan HST mobile app, text message-based, or web platform.
  • Multi-lingual, real-time translation allows users to speak to first responders or system administrators to tell them the specifics of their emergency and get help immediately, in nearly a dozen languages, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Arabic. Titan HST also meets accessibility requirements for users that are deaf, blind, visually impaired or motor impaired.
  • Augmented reality allows rescuers to see through walls, crowds, the dark, underground subways, building collapses, rubble, smoke, fire and more, offering you almost superpowers and X-ray vision during no-visibility conditions.
  • Mesh Networking for off-network use along with Redundant Connectivity with cellular, Wi-Fi and LAN coupled with redundant broadcast notification methods (app push notification, text messages, e-mail, web notification, robotic calls and voice-recorded calls) ensures that high volume messages are sent via multiple channels.
  • Enhanced geo-redundant infrastructure is designed to maximize the likelihood of emergency notifications going through even when there is a local emergency such as an earthquake or power outage. Titan HST’s secure server infrastructure is multi-region available with 99.999 percent minimum uptime, maximizing the system’s availability during the worst emergencies.
  • Crowdsourced data provides administrators and emergency personnel with information regarding emergency SOS alerts and community safety check-in status. Users can also provide updated information in real time during an emergency by commenting on broadcast message sent by administrators.
  • Secure infrastructure and user data with end-to-end encryption to ensure security efficacy by incorporating dozens of industry best practices and proprietary security measures independently reviewed by external third parties.

High-occupancy venues across the country have implemented the Titan HST end-to-end security solution to maximize safety. From major voting sites during election time to sporting facilities, Titan HST is standard for next-gen effective mass communication in crisis, as well as a COVID-19 outbreak mitigation tool. As Titan HST continues to help the nation open back up from a pandemic lock-down, its solution will become that much more crucial. To learn more about how the NFL leverages Titan HST, please contact us.

About Titan Health & Security Technologies, Inc.

Titan HST is a California-based tech company providing a patented comprehensive emergency alert and mass notifications system for businesses, governments and schools. The mobile app allows users and emergency personnel to communicate emergency information instantly – including GPS coordinates, text, audio, pictures and videos – increasing information dissemination and reducing emergency response time. Using multi-lingual real-time translation, augmented reality, and crowd sourced data, Titan HST’s mobile two-way communication platform serves the needs of workplaces, campuses and governments around the globe. For more information, please visit

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