LogicManager CEO Steven Minsky Leads Session at the IAA and ISACA’s GRC Conference 2021

BOSTON, Aug. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LogicManager CEO and risk thought leader Steven Minsky spoke at the Internal Institute of Auditors (IIA) and ISACA’s GRC Conference in Denver, CO on Tuesday, August 10th. IIA and ISACA, with a combined membership of 345,000, bring the world’s governance, risk and compliance professionals together to align on best practices. Both associations recognize Minsky as a top-rated presenter and have previously selected him as a speaker at their prestigious All-Star Conference. 

“I think it’s important for professionals everywhere – especially those in our industry – to know that all corporate scandals are 100% preventable, and therefore lead to liabilities due to negligence,” says Minsky. “People often think this statement is radical, when really the root cause of all mishaps in business involves a lack of cross-departmental transparency, mismanagement of information from the front line up through the organization, third party vulnerabilities; all things that can be mitigated through effective risk management practices. So the statement that ‘all corporate scandals are preventable’ is, in fact, incredibly practical.” 

Minsky’s presentation at the GRC conference provided a deep dive into the anatomy of 3 well-known corporate scandals. He then shared practical, self-authored risk management tools that practitioners can use to get ahead of and prevent scandals of their own.

Minsky is known for his unique ability to predict events before they occur. For example, well before the financial crisis of 2008 materialized, Minsky had already begun advising LogicManager clients to prepare for an economic crash. On February 5th, 2020, he published a comprehensive blog post about updating your Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19, and LogicManager has continually shared client success stories born out of their guidance throughout the entire pandemic. Most recently, Minsky launched a series of blog posts outlining his predictions for 2021-2024

Clairvoyance isn’t to blame here; Minsky attributes his spot-on predictions to proactive trend research and consistent historical analysis. He often publishes these analyses following widely covered scandals to point out exactly what went wrong. Read his blog and discover the true root cause of the Colonial Pipeline hack, how the recent power grid failures should have been prevented, the larger implications of the 2020 Marriott and British Airways data breaches and more.

A recurring theme across Minsky’s published work is that organizations often fall victim to the See-Through Economy, rather than using it to their advantage. The See-Through Economy is one of Minsky’s most recognized thought leadership contributions, along with his creation of the widely popular Risk Maturity Model: the industry standard framework and assessment tool used by thousands of organizations around the globe. 

To learn more about the IAA and ISACA’s GRC Conference 2021, including more details on Minsky’s speaking session, check out their website here.

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