InfoSystems Partnership with Veterans Tech Solutions Expands Supplier Diversity for Clients

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., March 28, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Through a new initiative, InfoSystems will partner with Veterans Technology Solutions (VTS), a robust IT services provider that is also a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

A Growing Partnership

Dadisi Olutosin, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer at Veterans Technology Solutions, brings more than 30 years of experience in the IT space for commercial industries and the public sector. Along with VTS Founder Buck Gilbert, who brings more than five decades of business acumen and IT experience, Olutosin and the VTS team sought a different model to expand their business.

“As a partner with InfoSystems, and as we are both IBM Business Partners, we can pursue clients together and offer services as an SDVOSB,” says Olutosin. “Similar to prime and subprime vendors in the public sector, our partnership enables us to encourage diversity spending with existing and potential clients.”

VTS offers complementary services to those of InfoSystems. VTS is an SDVOSB and IT solutions provider. Headquartered in Atlanta with additional offices in Washington, D.C., the business is focused on providing IT-related solutions that solve business problems, including hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, enterprise software applications, data center infrastructure solutions, and general IT consulting services.

Working together, InfoSystems and VTS leaders can pursue opportunities collectively representing both the depth of services available at InfoSystems and VTS’s status as an SDVOSB.

“When clients need to meet a diversity spend from a purchasing or supply chain perspective, VTS, in partnership with InfoSystems, can meet those needs,” Olutosin says. “This partnership allows us to work seamlessly with customers, delivering the high-quality services current and future clients of VTS and InfoSystems would expect.”

Many major corporations and businesses are prioritizing diversity spending.

“Diversity is in the nationwide conversation for a few different reasons, including as a tool for advocacy,” Olutosin says. “Some corporations have come into the spotlight because they haven’t historically prioritized doing business with diverse suppliers, while others have been committed for decades to this practice.”

Before joining VTS, Olutosin worked in an IT company that was a designated Minority Business Enterprise, and he brings extensive experience with Fortune 500 companies that support supplier diversity programs. These corporate initiatives require a certain percentage of the company’s overall yearly budget to be allocated to companies included on supplier diversity lists.

Through the partnership between VTS and InfoSystems, potential and future clients can get the same services offered through either vendor and use funds earmarked for diversity spending with an SDVOSB.

“This partnership expands our offerings and opportunities to meet clients’ needs,” says Kelly Nuckolls, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances at InfoSystems. “We’ll be able to provide support for VTS and, in turn, VTS will support our clients. We’re excited to bring this extra level of service as another tool in our toolbox to better serve clients across the Southeast.”


Veterans Technology Solutions (VTS) is an enterprise IT and hybrid cloud solutions provider servicing commercial businesses, public sector and federal government and SLED organizations. VTS is a certified service-disabled, veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) committed to providing companies and agencies with enterprise IT solutions that solve business problems. For more information on VTS, visit


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