ZIWIT protects pharmaceutical companies from hackers

A major name in the cybersecurity industry, Ziwit was founded in 2011 and now serves some of the biggest names in the pharmaceuticals and tech companies, providing a range of innovative offensive cybersecurity solutions across a selection of products.

Based in Montpellier, France, Ziwit is committed to providing the most effect cybersecurity solutions and names among its clients’ pharmaceutical giants such as Pfizer, Sanofi and AstraZeneca, plus household names in the tech world including the ubiquitous Google, Facebook, Lagardere, VINCI, Clear Channel and many more.

The stature of such clients serves to highlight the standing the Ziwit has in the cybersecurity industry and that which founder Mohammed Boumediane brings to the table. A renowned expert in cybersecurity, Boumediane and his team are at the forefront of innovation in the field and Ziwit is expanding from France and Europe into a broader worldwide market thanks to a comprehensive suite of products that are proven to be effective at a market-leading level.

As a market leader in Europe in offensive cybersecurity, Ziwit centres its solutions around three proven products that are designed to protect against hackers and further security threats. Ziwit’s mission is to offer the client protection for the company itself, its websites and web applications, by way of the following three solutions.

HTTPCS SECURITY : Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

HTTPCS Security is a vulnerability scanner that covers a wide range of potential areas where security may be breached. In effect, it puts the client in the prospective hacker’s shoes and investigates those areas where a hacker is most likely to gain access. There is no need for the user to have any technical expertise as the tool runs automatic audits and provides detailed reports from which the client can see where the system may be vulnerable.

By giving the ability to replay cyber-attacks on websites and web applications the vulnerability scanner also gives greater insight into the problem, how critical it, and will also offer advice on how best to fix the problem. It is guaranteed to provide zero false positives, so every report refers to an actual potential threat, and offers daily reports for constant surveillance.

HTTPCS CYBERVIGILANCE : Detection of Data Leaks and Threat Intelligence

The HTTPCS CYBERVIGILANCE provided constant monitoring of the web – including the deep web and dark web which are routinely overlooked by IT teams – for real and potential threats to the client’s sensitive information including data and document leakage. The level of detection of data leaks and threat intelligence provided is above and beyond the norm, and the system works continuously using highly developed search robots that are designed to search for precise threats.

Hackers know the benefits of using sites in the dark web to their advantage and also know that many IT security systems overlook these very real possible areas of intrusion and threat, so CYBERVIGILANCE is aimed at looking beyond the usual areas of data leaks, and going that extra mile to protect the client.

CloudFilt : Stop Bad Bots

By actively monitoring the behaviour of visitors to a client’s website CloudFilt is able to recognise those that are bots that are unwanted on the pages, and that are using up valuable bandwidth. This comprehensive bot management solution works automatically to keep an eye on movement and visitors to allotted sites, and can detect bad bots, web scraping and tor traffic, as well as helping prevent DDoS attacks which remain among the most common of all cyber traffic attacks.

The CloudFilt solution goes further in that it also analyses IP reputation to gain an idea of nefarious users, and any with a certain level of poor reputation will automatically be blocked. It also looks for spam submissions and any other kind of potential problem that could easily affect the operation and security of a client’s network and system.

These three products together make for a substantial and comprehensive cybersecurity solution and as you have read above, the reputation of the Ziwit solution is enhanced by the already illustrious client list.

In bringing together the three solutions briefly described above, Mohammed Boumediane and Ziwit are able to provide major corporations with the best and most effective cybersecurity package available, and the growth of Ziwit on the international market is testament to the company’s reputation for excellent service and solutions.

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