XignSys Wants to Usher the Future of Secure Digital Identities

“Mr. Hertlein, you are the CEO of XignSys GmbH, one of the most innovative cyber security startups according to FORBES. What is the core of your work?”

Hertlein: “We are convinced that digitalization can help make life in cities more attractive. At the same time, we believe in a digitized world where security and the protection of user data are paramount. Your identity belongs only to you!”

“How do you plan to achieve this goal in concrete terms?”

Hertlein: “With our identification and authentication solution, which is highly user-friendly, secure and flexible, we enable all people and businesses to move securely and effortlessly in the increasingly digitized world, especially in the smart city.”

“Your company has a lot of IT security expertise. What is your technical approach?”

Hertlein: “The clear answer is: by relying on passwordless solutions! Despite serious risks, passwords have traditionally been widely used. Our authentication solution XignIn combines maximum security with intuitive handling and therefore dispenses with passwords entirely. Instead, we rely on biometric features, strong cryptography and the use of hardware security modules.”

“Can you give specific examples where your technology can be used?”

Hertlein: “Sure. Think, for example, of digital citizen centers, private and public mobility solutions, digital exams, registration for portals and platforms, digital health records, access to buildings, or the broad field surrounding the Internet of Things – all topics where our smartphone-based authentication solution significantly increases security, but also user-friendliness.”

“It certainly takes a lot of work to build a startup like this. What is your motivation?”

Hertlein: “When I was 13, I thought for the first time that I wanted to do something of my own do. We believe that we can offer real added value, do something good and make our digital lives easier and safer. In the end, it’s about, that technological progress is never an end in itself, but always has to be oriented must always be geared to people’s needs. Whatever the application, the first step must be to establish an effective foundation of trust for the digital world. That is what we are doing.

“Mr. Hertlein, thank you very much for the interview!”

Hertlein: “With pleasure!”


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