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Web Scraper, Proxy Server, And All In One Tool!

Big data is quickly becoming the world’s new gold. Yet mining the data is becoming difficult-thanks to the technology that restricts access to protected sites. As such, there is a need to adopt and use superior data collection methods to enhance the quality of data collected. Web scrapers and proxy servers have become handy in collecting web data. The methods allow businesses and individuals to collect data from different sources. In particular, web scrapers can collect data from protected websites and databases.

Web scraping refers to the process of gathering information from the internet. You need tools like a web scraper and proxy server to do this job well. These are sophisticated tools from a web scraping api provider that enable researchers to download and collect structured data.

So What Is A Proxy Server?

The term proxy means acting on behalf of another person. Therefore, the server acts on your behalf. When browsing a web page, the proxy server provides the gateway between the visited page and the user. In a nutshell, it can prevent cyber-attacks by denying intruders from accessing a private network.

Note that a proxy server is a computer with an IP address, so all requests made on the internet get to the server first for evaluation before it is forwarded to the internet. Similarly, responses get to the proxy server before they are forwarded to the final user. Therefore, a proxy server provides a range of functionality that includes privacy and security depending on the needs.

Typically, some websites do not allow users to access them from certain IP addresses. So a proxy server could be a solution because it has an IP address that helps to camouflage your searches. As a result, the website you request will not see your IP address, allowing you to scrap it anonymously. Here are some of the top proxy servers.

1. Scylla

It is one of the most popular tools that combine proxy crawlers, HTTP forward proxy, and checker. The tool features :

· Docker image support

· Automatic IP crawling

It is easy to install and allows headless browsing.

2. Infatica

Infatica offers high performance, reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure for web applications. It offers a complete range of services from bare metal servers to fully managed and optimized virtualized infrastructures including load balancing, reverse proxies, firewalls, network security solutions and content delivery networks. It has the largest global footprint of any service provider offering a wide selection of hardware configurations.

3. Octoparse

It is a powerful cloud-based web scraping tool that runs many IP addresses. Therefore, the tool can scrap most websites while protecting your IP address. The latest release features multiple country-based IP pools; it can effectively help you run crawlers on local devices without revealing your real IP.

4. Mozenda

It is another top-notch data scraper that allows users to choose from custom or geolocation proxies. The software enables users to route their crawlers and traffic to the selected part of the world and access any information specific to that region.

5. Parsehub

It is a visual tool used to gather data from the web. The tool features both IP rotation and cloud scraping capabilities. But you must enable IP rotation to access proxies located in different countries which to use to run the project. Also, the tool allows users to add their list of custom proxies. Therefore, it is a valuable tool for anyone wanting to access a site from a given country. The tool is, thus, ideal for web scrapers who prefer using their proxies.

Final Thoughts

Web scraping is not a good thing for website owners. It increases traffic and can cause the sites to crash. As a result, new and emerging technologies are deployed to try and prevent the web scraping menace. However, using the right web scraper and proxy servers could allow you to collect the data you want without restrictions. But scraping websites requires some diligence. So, keep a tub on the scrapping speed, and do not overload your target website. Balancing the speed and the load ensures you get better results and could help you scrub the data continuously.

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