ViewApp: Number of inspections of varying complexity approaching 200,000

The innovative ViewApp for inspections of every complexity and detail is expanding into more areas and attracting new users: the number of inspections performed is now approaching 200,000. ViewApp partners include influential entities such as Sber, Raiffeisenbank, AlfaStrakhovanie and many other financial and insurance market leaders.

ViewApp has been gaining popularity for good reasons: first of all, it is a guaranteed security of photos and videos and, secondly, it is the quality and convenience of the remote service, which is hard to reject after the first use. Not the least of these is the fact that with the introduction of ViewApp technology, companies achieve efficiencies that are times greater than their previous level, which also brings tremendous cost savings in doing business right from the start of the application as well as an undeniable competitive advantage. With the birth of ViewApp, a new digital standard for responsive service delivery was born and more and more businesses are optimizing their operations by incorporating ViewApp into their business processes.

There is no getting around the fact that remote inspections not only protect data, but also people themselves – after all, the pandemic has made it very clear to everyone that literally anyone can be vulnerable. Remote examinations with ViewApp technology are completely safe and prevent the spread of infections.

Methods to prevent photo tampering and other fraud

One of the most pressing issues that all companies face is inspection fraud. With ViewApp, you can get rid of fraud once and for all.

First of all, the way you store your photos and videos is not through a smartphone gallery, but through a separate secure vault in the app itself. ViewApp is equipped with several security features to prevent fraud:

  • User authentication at the authorization step;
  • SSL certificate that enables data encryption;
  • Geolocation of the device allowing you to compare information with graphical data;
  • Use of other smartphone sensors such as compass, accelerometer, motion sensor;
  • Protection against geolocation spoofing;
  • Material storage with checksum calculation and reconciliation;
  • Video steps that make data spoofing impossible.


Multi-tiered security allows the authenticity of materials to be verified from multiple angles, for example the motion sensor captures events as you move from step to step, turn the camera on or raise your hand to take a picture of the car roof, while the GPS sensor readings can easily be compared to data from Google Panorama.

For all material, the app and server calculate checksums – if you try to swap materials, these amounts will simply not add up and the attempted fraud will be obvious.

It should be a definite wake-up call for a survey company when a client complains that the app is not working properly or that there is nothing to be taken. In most such cases it turns out that the object of the inspection is missing – such cases are identified in the process of monitoring the condition of leased property, for example. Therefore, ViewApp also provides additional indirect protection simply by its mere presence in the business processes of the company that implemented it.

The ViewApp is different from other similar tools in that it is designed as a universal constructor rather than a highly specialized APP. The principle of conducting any inspection, whether it is a car, a flat, a helicopter or a comic vehicle, is the same. There is a pre-formulated scenario that takes into account the features and requirements of the stakeholder, including the package of accompanying documentation, which is important, because the result of the inspection should be absolutely complete – not only the photo and video materials, but the entire package of documents. Next comes the creation of users: both those who do the inspections and those who will inspect them.

Stages of ViewApp application:

  • Installing the app on the smartphone with further identification;
  • Performing the inspection, with step-by-step instructions following the inspection company’s script;
  • Receiving the inspection results by the professionals, already secured against fraud via the ViewApp API;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the findings;
  • Feedback on the results.

Hints to each step of the inspection are designed for user convenience and to avoid mistakes.


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