UK-based cybersecurity company solving global data protection security problems.

With a number of high-profiled cyber attacks leaving companies, investors and individuals begging for better security. With Threat Removal Plus being marked by leading professionals as the future of data protection, Deep Secure is paving the way to ultimate protection for the ever-growing billion dollar security problem.

Built on a 20-year pedigree of defence-grade cybersecurity expertise, Deep Secure’s Threat Removal Plus has been specifically designed for environments that cannot be compromised. Employing a combined hardware & software solution, that is used for securing cross domain:

  • File sharing, file transfer & file import
  • Web services & web applications
  • Command & control (C2) data
  • Instant messaging

Designed in line with the National Cyber Security Centre’s guidance on best practices for protecting high-risk systems. Threat Removal Plus utilises transformation to ensure that attacks cannot cross the air-gap, protecting data with 100% security.

As cyberthreats continue to strengthen, could Threat Removal Plus be the security answer we have all been waiting for?


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