Trends in Home Smart Technology in the 21st Century

When we hear “smart technology,” many things may come to mind. We might think of some futuristic landscape with flying cars and talking robots. Unfortunately, that’s not the case—yet. Smart technology is in your refrigerator when it responds to your query about the weather. When you use an app to preheat your stove, it’s on your phone. It’s even in the smart lock on your door. There are many reasons to install smart appliances and other technologies in your home. The primary reason? It’ll change your life for the better. Here are a few trends in smart home technology in the 21st century below. 


With the use of Alexa and Siri on the rise, you’ll find that connecting all your appliances is a cinch. Integration is a key trend you’ll need to keep a look out for. It allows you to drop in on a conversation downstairs while you’re upstairs asking your kids a question. It allows you to use an app on your phone to start your coffee maker at a set time or for your doorbell to enable camera access. Consumer devices are more connected than ever, and we can assume that trend will continue in the coming years. 

Smart Building Design

Our technology is quickly beginning to inform our architecture. Smart building design causes several changes. Sensors might inform a homeowner that their pipe is in danger of bursting before it does. Appliances have diagnostics that use machine learning to determine whether a part is about to break down. It’ll check the warranty and automatically ship it from the manufacturer to your home without you having to lift a finger. Even our roofs aren’t exempt. For instance, solar panels can power your entire home and come in all types—including shingles. 

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new term that indicates how devices share data. It drives an automated experience that’s like no other. Imagine arriving at your driveway just as your blinds drawdown and your garage opens, right on schedule. Or going to check your refrigerator for common food items only to find a notification on your fridge telling you exactly what’s missing. We’re on the cusp of great things as a society. It’s time we embrace the trends in smart home technology in the 21st century. 

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