Tauruseer technology granted US patent in ‘perfect storm’ of cyber-attacks, regulation and insurance

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The US Patent Office (USPO) has issued patent number US 11,080,162 August 3, 2021 that covers “The System and Method for Visualizing and Measuring Software Assets.” With software risk now a board-level discussion, and a topic of major concern, the patented invention comes in a perfect storm opportunity.

Recent, highly targeted ransomware and malware attacks have showcased a common misconception: that if products and software delivery processes were considered “compliant” by a consultant, they were also secure.

These incidents highlight that just being compliant has most organizations woefully unprepared to detect and prevent such threats, resulting in U.S. President Biden’s Executive Orders for Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Performance and Securing Critical Software Supply Chains, then NIST’s response with two key publications.

Companies, board members, regulators, and cyber insurers now require continuous awareness of software assets, potential breach paths, and real-time cybersecurity performance.

Tauruseer’s well-timed patented system powers intelligent infrastructures for proactive, continuous and integrated risk management and assurance via API connections, enabling organizations to monitor their product portfolio risks at every change. The access and activities performed by tool users, with the oversight by the system, helps prevent unknown risks, compromise, and insider threats from going unnoticed, provides a clear audit trail, and ensures secure software development and delivery to critical systems, applications, and data.

Monitoring of the API connections, user actions, and non-user actions is especially important in regulated industries such as finance, payments, banking, healthcare and devices, energy, and insurance as well as in applications where users are accessing highly sensitive data.

The patented system allows a unique combination of an integration engine, analytics engine, and correlation engine using machine learning to discover risks and provide the user real-time intelligence regarding the software applications to develop risk maturity.

Frustrated with software development security being driven by consultants and manual assessments, Tauruseer’s motivation was to help organizations break free of these traditional, costly, and time-consuming assessments.

Predicting markets would change, Tauruseer sought to help organizations match their real-world needs of environments changing several times a day, every day. The patented invention provides real-time feedback, metrics, insights and anomaly detection of an organization at all levels on what software there is, how software is being used, and software management options to securing the environment from code to cloud.

“The number of cyber breaches in organizations has risen dramatically because of the high adoption rate of software processes and security tools (SaaS-based DevSecOps) that are not fully-operationalized, have insecure configurations, and remain siloed within one area of an organization as potentially unmanaged Shadow IT or rogue development. We are pleased that the US Patent Office has recognized the uniqueness of the underlying technology of Tauruseer and granted this patent,” said Jeremy Vaughan, CEO of Tauruseer. “The patent further strengthens the differentiation of Tauruseer against its competitors and provides our company a sustainable competitive advantage in next-generation big data analytics, DevSecOps, controls monitoring, and cybersecurity markets. The patented system is especially important for highly regulated and security-conscious industries which are our key markets.”

Tauruseer is on its way to having an extensive portfolio of patents with its newly filed patent applications covering all key capabilities and creates shareholder value by giving Tauruseer the freedom to operate with significant product differentiation.

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