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Stakin.Com Wants Token Holders to Earn Interest in Their Digital Assets Through Proof-Of-Stake Blockchain Networks provides non-custodial staking services for public Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks. It is a way for tokens holders to earn interests on their digital assets, keep these under their own custody, as well as contribute to network decentralization and governance.

What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

The company was created 2 years ago to support the growth of Proof-of-Stake networks and communities as an alternative to Proof-of-Work. Proof-of-Stake is a more efficient consensus algorithm for blockchains, and uses much less energy than Proof-of-Work. It also allows blockchains and ecosystems to evolve faster, thanks to decentralized governance features.

Most blockchains are now shifting towards a Proof-of-Stake model, with the well-known Ethereum currently in transition phase too. At Stakin, we cover a large set of Proof-of-Stake blockchains such as Cosmos, Polygon, Polkadot, Solana, Icon, Skale, Near, Mina, etc., serving 7,000+ delegators. Our clientele spans from large institutional regulated financial players (exchanges, custodians, custodian wallets) to retail users.

How Are You Solving That Problem?

Stakin puts a strong emphasis on infrastructure quality and network monitoring. The infrastructure is an hybrid approach mixing bare metal and cloud, with only Tier 3+ datacenters, as well as a strong focus on security and redundancy. The company has built top-notch in-house monitoring systems to keep track of uptime across all nodes on all networks. All these enable Stakin to maintain an excellent 99.5%+ uptime across networks. Uptime is very critical in the staking industry as it allows delegators to maximize rewards. The company has also avoided any large prolonged downtime, protecting clients against slashing risks.

In addition to infrastructure and uptime, Stakin strives to provide a positive contribution to each of the network where it operates, for example via DApp (Decentralized Application) development, marketing, governance involvement, and financing to projects in these ecosystems.

How Has the Pandemic Impacted Your Company?

As a fully distributed blockchain business, the pandemic had a limited impact on Stakin. The company lives on the internet with a fully remote model, where the team works from all across the globe.

Where Do You See Your Company Going In 5 Years?

Stakin is on path to becoming one of the largest staking services in Europe. As many staking service providers are diversifying their activities, Stakin is remaining solely focused on providing excellent staking services. In 5 years from now, Stakin will likely be serving traditional financial players in addition to blockchain companies. We are expanding our team and recruiting new teammates with a passion for blockchain technology who to build the future of staking with us.

What Is The Next Big Challenge In Information Security?

In the Proof-of-Stake industry, one of the largest challenges is the decentralization of the networks and the voting power across validators. On some networks, if a few validators collide with each other, there is the risk that they can take full control of the network.

To further decentralize voting power, initiative such as #KeepStakeDecentralized are being initiated in different networks and communities. There is both a top-down and bottom-up phenomenon taking place where Foundations and key network leaders are building new systems contributing to network decentralization (UI changes, fair stakepools, delegation policies) and community is slowly getting more educated towards the risks.

How Do People Get Involved/Buy into Your Vision?

We want every blockchain developer and user to help us achieve our vision. You can join our community via Telegram ( or Discord (


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