Supreme Court of the Philippines in PAdre Faura on June 19, 2018. Photo by LeAnne Jazul/Rappler
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Philippines Solicitor General’s Office Responsible for Huge Data Breach

Cybersecurity is an essential part of company management, even if you are the person responsible for network security related to government processes. In the case of the recent data breach in the Philippines, sensitive information that could disrupt and harm ongoing judicial proceedings was exposed to anyone with an internet browser. These kinds of data breaches affect the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people every time they are revealed.

This story was first covered by You can read TurgenSec’s statement on this issue here.

TurgenSec, who identified the breach and made the Philippines Solicitor General aware of it, reveals data breaches to entities to help them to correct course and improve their cybersecurity practices.

The case of the Philippines data breach was unique because, “it might have broader ramifications”. 

A spokesperson for the company stated, “It’s not like a traditional data breach that we disclose”. The case was unique in many ways, from the total lack of response from the Philippines government, to the whistleblower who set the discovery in motion. Despite the Philippines government moving to try to contain the situation themselves, there are still hundreds of sensitive documents cached by Google that can be found with a simple search.

The Philippines Government’s Lack of Investment in Cybersecurity is Troubling

The leaked data from the Philippines government encompassed 345,000 sensitive court documents related to terrorism, military events and actions, as well as victims for rape, trafficking of illegal substances and much more.

TurgenSec Disclosure notice

Cybersecurity is the only thing that can prevent this kind of data breach, and neglecting to have any in place when such information is in your hands is beyond negligent.

For victims of crimes that were being attended to by the Supreme Court in the Philippines, they must now worry if those who have their address and phone number will attempt to intimidate them. It is not just the routine of the Supreme Court that will be affected by this breach. The lives of citizens have been affected as well.

Call for Solicitor General of the Philippines to Submit the Breach

TurgenSec has encouraged the Solicitor General to submit the breach to digital forensic specialists to verify the extent of the breach and evaluate the integrity of the files that were exposed. As there has been no response from the Solicitor General’s Office, it can be assumed that no such action will be taken.

Citizens of the UK may have been affected by the breach, but they will likely never know to what extent their information was exposed to hackers and other nefarious parties. When there is no assessment done after a data breach, the true extent of the actual damage is never known.

Cybersecurity is Essential for Data Safety

The unfortunate tale of the Philippines data breach is becoming all too common as cyberthreats become more sophisticated and more prevalent. Businesses and governments alike can only bury their heads in the sand for so long. There is no responsible way to manage any kind of business in 2021, without a cybersecurity plan in place that keeps corporate data secure.


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