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Key Components Of Building A Smart Warehouse

Incredible tech developments have surely affected each sphere of our lives. The way we communicate with others, travel to work or even wash our dishes has been drastically changed over the past couple of decades. Various video chat apps, electric cars, and modern dishwashers are just the tip of the iceberg that is tech evolution. Nowadays, smart houses are all the rage, but these smart trends are not just reserved for private homes. In fact, thanks to numerous tech developments even warehouses are becoming more efficient. What was once done manually is now automated, which has skyrocketed the productivity of warehousing operations. For instance, before workers had to keep track of long lists, load products, deliver them to the shipping docks, and move everything by themselves. Now, machines are taking care of most of these tasks. In this article, we will take a closer look at how you can build a smart warehouse, step by step.

Install proper insulation

Yes, insulation isn’t exactly a smart gadget, but it is definitely a smart investment. Before you invest in smart technology, you need to ensure that your innovations will remain protected. Good insulation can guarantee optimal working conditions in your warehouse. Not only will your new products and smart machines remain protected, but your employees will get to work in a cool environment in the summertime and stay warm in the winter. With insulation, you will also save on your electric bill, so it will basically pay for itself in the long run. Learn more about the ways high-quality insulation can benefit you and your business, and you will see why installing insulation should be the first step towards building a smart warehouse.

Retire those old forklifts

Not that long ago, picking and packing items needed to be handled manually. Nowadays, automated guided vehicles can do most of the tasks on their own. Old forklifts are slowly being replaced with these AGVs which can handle materials and transport cargo whilst speeding up the entire process and minimising damages. These vehicles can carry a lot of cargo, are faster than humans, and can calculate the best route for transport. Since it is very important that cargo arrives at its destination on time, optimising vehicle routes can make all the difference in the world. With smart warehouse modules, the driver can quickly locate the nearest free storage space and get the quickest route to it at the same time.

Use AI

These days every industry is taking advantage of artificial intelligence. Even warehouses across the world are using AI to automate their operations and improve their productivity. With the use of AI, the number of errors is minimised. However, there are other various ways artificial intelligence can be of service to you and your business. For instance, AI can communicate with warehousing robots and help them find the quickest routes to the products in question. It can also determine which box is the best for shipment based on the size, weight, and type of the product which is being transported. Thanks to AI, there are warehouses where machines are in charge of packing products. Some even use AI to help them keep track of their inventory in a more precise and efficient way.

Get drones

There are all kinds of drones, from those simple ones you can even find in toy stores, to superior ones that are equipped with sensors, cameras, and RFID technology. The latter ones are usually used in smart warehouses. These also feature barcode scanners and are used by workers to quickly and easily locate products in warehouses, especially in those hard-to-reach areas. Such drones can be used for cycle counts and various inventory tasks. With drones, safe and easy access to all parts of the warehouse is guaranteed.

Implement Management Systems

Every smart warehouse needs to have warehouse management systems. With these convenient systems, you can track each task performed during the day and determine the level of efficiency of your warehouse. Such systems can help you figure out which areas are problematic so you can find solutions and maximise the productivity and quality of all your processes.

By automating various aspects of warehouse work and implementing smart systems, you can keep up with trends in the industry and build a successful business.


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