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eacs one of a handful of IT Managed Services Providers with certification

Managed Services Provider eacs has achieved ISO 20000-1 certification for IT Service Management, a critical step on its continuous improvement program, and the 7th Certification it has achieved and attained in the last two years.

ISO 20000-1 is an internationally recognised standard that shows that a business has the right processes, procedures, and checks to ensure that it delivers effective, high-level IT Managed Services to its customers. 

Kevin Timms, Chairman and Chief Executive of eacs, commented: “eacs is now one of only a small number of IT Managed Service Providers who have attained this much sought-after certification.  We are proud of this achievement and it that we have the customer at the heart of what we do and have a culture of standardisation and customer service embedded right across our organisation.”

During an extensive audit program, external auditors looked at every aspect of eacs’s Service Management procedure to ensure that it met all of the appropriate requirements of the standard and provided the highest level of service to its customers. 

“For our customers, it gives peace of mind in knowing that we deliver our services to a recognised standard and adds a level of assurance that our service management practices and processes are controlled and applied consistently across all our managed customers’ service life cycle. Following the outbreak of the pandemic, we quickly realised that the type and level of support being requested by clients was changing. 

“As such, we had to adapt and become more agile to meet those changing demands. This provided us with an opportunity to review how we operate and look at ways as a business we could continue to improve and also show that the services we were providing are of the highest standard. The award of ISO20000-1 shows that this is the case,” continued Timms. 

Having achieved ISO22301 Business Continuity certification in 2020, eacs was well placed to adapt to the operational and support challenges the new remote way of working imposed on them by the government.  Within 36 hours it had deployed all of its support team all of whom were equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to enable them to seamlessly transition to supporting clients from home.  It is testament to the work that had already been done that its existing customers did not see a drop off in the level of service, despite the dramatic increase in the number of calls.

“We could have left it at that, however as a business, we decided to take the opportunity to undertake a thorough review of our processes and procedures to support our ISO20000-1 Certification aspiration.  The success of our ISO certification shows that we believe we are on the right path and by shows that we have the right processes and procedures in place to support our future growth plans, but perhaps more importantly, proves that we have a culture of continual improvement embedded throughout the organisation,” concluded Timms.


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