CSCT Global Launches Specialized Division of Counter-Surveillance & Cyber Investigation Specialists

ORLANDO, Fla., May 22, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “You can buy cameras for less than $20. And because of their size, they are easy to hide and disguise in everyday household objects,” said Matt Aubin, Private Investigator and Owner of CSCT Global.

Aubin reports receiving close to 100 inquiries per week regarding invasions of privacy.

“From vacation rental owners to ex-spouses during a divorce case, it’s become easier than ever for anyone to access these recording devices, making everyone and anyone a potential victim,” said Aubin.

To combat the increasing invasion of privacy, CSCT Global utilizes a combination of advanced legal, technical, and investigative expertise to detect hidden video and sound recording devices. CSCT Global is an elite services division of Southern Recon Agency, a nationally recognized investigation firm that is one of the only firms worldwide to offer the unique combination of a dedicated expert counter-surveillance and cyber investigation team.

The services offered through CSCT Global are customized for individuals, attorneys, and corporations. From countersurveillance to cell phone investigations, hacking and cyber investigations, the professionals at CSCT Global utilize state-of-the-art technology and U.S. government-grade training to protect what matters most – your privacy.

About CSCT Global

The mission at CSCT Global is to operate as a private investigation agency of expert private investigators working together to provide unparalleled intelligence services while adhering to the highest moral, ethical, and professional standards. They only accept your case if they are confident they can provide the complete service you need and deserve.

Through a combination of advanced legal, technical, and investigative expertise, they ensure the assignments are strategically planned, executed, and completed with the highest standards of accuracy, skill, and advanced knowledge of the law. By only accepting counter-surveillance and cyber investigation cases, CSCT Global ensures their team of industry-specific professionals works exclusively in their field of expertise.

Media Contact

Matt Aubin, CSCT Global, +1 844-307-7771, [email protected]




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