Confection Wants to Prepare You for the Future of Server-Side Martech

The end of third-party cookies is about more than just browser-level data storage. It represents the end of the way marketers, advertisers, and developers have gathered, used, and monetized online data for 30 years.

Google and Apple’s recent privacy announcements and GDPR are common knowledge. But even professional marketers often aren’t aware these “privacy-first” changes have impacted our productivity and spending since 2017, when Safari and Firefox stopped supporting third-party cookies. 

20-25% of people use those browsers so the investments we make in many CRMs, DSPs, ads, and other martech tools are — at most — 75-80% effective. That’s years of waste compounding every day. By 2023, Chrome will work like Safari and Firefox. Now, 75% of web users are impacted, making many tools < 25% effective. In this reality, martech and adtech customers now waste $0.75 of every $1 spent.

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Why Is This?

Privacy-first browsing environments disable trackers, pixels, scripts, tags, and cookies. Marketing tools that rely on these client-side resources often don’t work properly. Event tracking fails. Forms break. Ads disappear. Data stops flowing. This leaves marketers and advertisers unable to accurately track view rates, conversions, and build effective data sets. 

Confection uses an innovative server-side architecture to collect, store, and distribute data. It’s unaffected by browser-side disruptions involving cookies, cross-domain scripts, fingerprinting, device IDs, and ad blocking. Confection is also compliant with global privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD so it’s good for people too.

You can now solely rely on the relevant martech data originating in the server-side of things, minimizing risks of failure at the time of collection.

Confection is not your new CRM, DSP, or other martech app. Instead, Confection supercharges your existing marketing stack and keeps data flowing in privacy-first environments. It integrates with the apps businesses and developers already use so there’s no need to switch systems. Just plug in, power up, and keep your marketing partnerships running strong. 

Use Confection to help your business grow. Build better, more durable customer relationships. Build compliant, first-party data sets you can use in any number of ways and send to any number of different endpoints. 

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