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Alias Robotics Wants to Provide Top of The Line Cybersecurity to The Robot Units in Charge of Any Automated Process

Alias Robotics is a robot cyber security company. Founded upon previous experiences in robotics, we take a roboticists’ approach to cyber security and deliver security solutions for robots and their components.

What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

Currently Robots are not made to be cybersecure, in this sense we already found many vulnerabilities than can affect end users both commercially – production lines stoppage- and physically (accidents with robots). Alias wants to contribute reducing or eliminating these threats with its innovative solution.

How Are You Solving That Problem?

Besides helping our customers evaluating their vulnerability level through our services, our main product is The Robot Immune System (RIS), which is a security certified software solution that protects robotic end points and robot components against malware.
Inspired by nature, it gets installed directly into your robotic system delivering an integrated suite of protection technologies.

How Has the Pandemic Impacted Your Company?

In two ways. From one side there´s a negative impact as some of our customers delay their investments due to financial situation, therefore no new robotics in their facilities even now we´re already seeing situation is changing. But in the other hand and more important, companies already realized how important is to speed up digitalization processes in order to eliminate or mitigate pandemic impact, so we foresee in the midterm robotic device acquisition is going to speed up.

Where Do You See Your Company Going In 5 Years?

ALIAS wants to be worldwide leader in robotic end point cybersecurity field, we already have the expertise and know how to be 2 steps forward from our competitors and keeping this distance is our main goal, to do so intensive R&D work must be done.

What Is the Next Big Challenge in Information Security?

ALIAS is working in OT Security (Operational security) and not IT (Information security), you may change the question accordingly J.

Answer : OT cybersecurity is way behind compared to IT one in cybersecurity terms, which market is much more mature. One of our biggest challenge is to make robotics end users realize how exposed they are to third party malware attacks and hence, how much they need to take security measures to reduce these threats.

How Do People Get Involved/Buy into Your Vision?

As it´s not yet a mature market, finding “early adopters” customers is key now. These customers profile is pretty much linked with “Factory of the future” concept, where massively connected devices will work together to provide added value to our customers, but also increasing their probability to be attacked.

In general, mass market is not aware yet of the cybersecurity risk they have even they will be soon, but these early adopters which are worldwide very well-known multinational with very intensive digitalization processes are responding very well to what ALIAS is offering them as they see very clearly the problems they may have unless they start taking now some measures regarding robot cybersecurity.

ALIAS product is agnostic in terms of Industrial sector, so we can offer our products in any activity field : automotive, aerospace, logistics, healthcare, social activity, etc. which helps a lot getting to these “early adopters” customers.


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