20 Best Security Training Podcasts of 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about security training? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best security training podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Security Training Podcasts 2021

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CAE Pilot Podcast

  • Publisher: CAE
  • Total Episodes: 35

A podcast that brings together aviation professionals to discuss life as a pilot, training and career advice. CAE Pilot Podcast is brought to you by CAE, the global leader in training for the civil aviation, defense and security, and healthcare markets

The Official Offensive Security Podcast

  • Publisher: Offensive Security, Inc.
  • Total Episodes: 3

The one and only official podcast from Offensive Security, Inc. — creators of the Kali OS, the OSCP certification, and the world’s leading cybersecurity training

Tactical Leadership

  • Publisher: Zack A. Knight
  • Total Episodes: 59

Zack is currently an Infantry Lieutenant and platoon leader in the United States Army Georgia National Guard. His time spent in the Army has involved extensive training in risk assessment and mitigation techniques that have been proven in the most intense environments. Prior to joining the Army, Zack spent seven years serving as a police officer in the Smyrna community where he grew up. These years were spent receiving the best crime detection and prevention training law enforcement has to offer. Zack earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Penn Foster University. Zack is currently enrolled at American Military University, where he is completing a master’s program in business administration (MBA) with a concentration in security management. He is also a Physical Security Professional (PSP®), a credential that indicates he is an industry leader in physical security with a specialization in threat analysis. Zack founded Knight Protection Services as a way to truly protect and serve, by providing solutions that deter crimes and prevent citizens from victimization. On this show, he sits down with CEO’s and experts to share tactical knowledge to help you become a better leader and create a more effective, safe environment for your team. See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Shinah Show

  • Publisher: Shinah Chang
  • Total Episodes: 7

How exactly does someone with zero business or artistic training launch and grow a $900k business and build a life full of creativity and freedom? That’s exactly what The Shinah Show explores. Every week, I (Shinah Chang, a former corporate security lawyer turned wildly successful calligrapher and calligraphy teacher) share a lesson that I learned along my journey. Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a life that doesn’t light you up inside. Maybe you’re craving more creativity, but you don’t think you’re “artistic” or “talented” enough to really go after it. Here’s some good news: you are NOT stuck. You CAN break out of unfulfilling routines and get more creative joy in your life! And I want to support you in your own journey to unleash your creativity and true self-expression.

Evolution Security Podcast

  • Publisher: Eric Davis, Aaron Davis, Brian Schilt
  • Total Episodes: 46

In a community of likeminded individuals in the firearms, and self-protection industry, Evolution Security instructors Eric Davis, Brian Schilt and Aaron Davis believe in a renaissance approach and philosophy. Focusing on teaching, educating, and informing everyday people on the path of defense and health. You will hear case studies on the judicious use of force and statistics that are far too often ignored by the mainstream media. There will be a heavy emphasis on personal accountability, fitness and living a life style of the martial artist focusing on Jiu-Jitsu and awareness. The hosts discuss multiple angles of our Second Amendment history and culture. Books will be read and discussed. You will hear guest that are at the apex of the training community, military veterans, Law Enforcement professionals, and civilians whom getting better every day is their passion. Join us for an Evolution.

Homeland Security Training Institute Podcast

  • Publisher: College of DuPage
  • Total Episodes: 16

College of DuPage and the Homeland Security Training Institute bring you this series of discussions.

Fortinet Cybersecurity Podcast

  • Publisher: Fortinet Cybersecurity Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 47

Fortinet’s cybersecurity podcast provides highlights and commentary about securing the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations around the world. Join Fortinet’s top experts as they discuss today’s most important cybersecurity topics. The Fortinet Security Fabric platform addresses the most critical security challenges and protect data across the entire digital infrastructure, whether in networked, application, multi-cloud or edge environments. Both a technology company and a learning company, the Fortinet Network Security Institute has one of the largest and broadest cybersecurity training programs in the industry. Learn more on the Fortinet Blog.


  • Publisher: Jeremiah Talamantes
  • Total Episodes: 5

Did you know that people actually get paid to physically break into businesses? I am one of those people. Hello, my name is Jeremiah Talamantes and I am the author of Physical Red Team Operations, The Social Engineer’s Playbook, the founder and former CEO of the cyber-physical security firm, RedTeam Security, and trainer at (RedTeam Security Training) I have been legally breaking into buildings, offices, warehouses, for well over a decade for some of the biggest, and smallest, companies all over the world. Are you interested in a career change, looking to enhance your Physical Red Team skills, or enjoy cloak and dagger stories? Join me in this podcast where I talk about the latest in physical red team tools, tactics, cybersecurity, information security, social engineering tips, tactics, and stories about my exploits as an ethical hacker and professional trespasser.


  • Publisher: VinciWorks
  • Total Episodes: 29

This podcast features the latest interview in the areas of compliance, risk management and e-learning. Topics include AML, GDPR, harassment, FCPA, anti-bribery and more. Founded in 2004, VinciWorks is a leading provider of online compliance training and risk management software. With over 200,000 users across 70 countries, VinciWorks has established itself as the definitive authority in online compliance. VinciWorks offers a range of compliance and regulatory training courses on topics such as the General Data Protection Regulation, the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, the Criminal Finances Act, the Modern Slavery Act, the Bribery Act, cyber security, the Equality Act and more. All of VinciWorks’ courses are customisable and can be tailored to suit the industry and specific policies of each client. In addition to training courses, VinciWorks offers compliance software solutions including its Learning Management System to track online learning, Omnitrack to track and manage online registers, Policy Tracker, a Risk Management System and more. VinciWorks has also published several policy templates and compliance guides to help organisations comply with the latest laws and regulations.

Reduce Cyber Risk Podcast

  • Publisher: Shon Gerber: CISO, Cyber Security Expert, and Online Entrepreneur
  • Total Episodes: 122

Shon Gerber from provides you the information and knowledge you need to prepare and pass the CISSP Exam while providing the tools you need to enhance your cybersecurity career. Shon has over 19 years of experience in government and corporate cybersecurity providing you expertise that you will find value from the very first weekly podcast. Shon will provide you detailed CISSP training along with sample CISSP exam questions while utilizing colorful commentary to enhance the overall learning process. In addition, Shon will utilize his wealth of cybersecurity knowledge to demonstrate the integration of his CISSP training with real-world cybersecurity incidents and events. On occasion, there will be guests on the Reduce Cyber Risk Podcast to discuss and share aspects around their CISSP experiences along with how they utilize their CISSP certification in their daily cybersecurity activities. Lastly, during our discussions around the CISSP certification, you will receive extremely valuable security tips and techniques you can put into practice immediately set you apart from other individuals within the world of cybersecurity. Let’s get going….GIDDY UP!

Dare to Leap

  • Publisher: Kathy Goughenour
  • Total Episodes: 38

Welcome to Dare to Leap, a conversation and community supporting women to create the freedom, flexibility and financial security they desire and deserve. Hosted by Kathy Goughenour, CEO & Founder of Virtual Expert(R) Training. Each week you’ll hear from thought leaders who are offering innovative solutions for the remote workforce, gather best practices from organizations recognized as best in class at leading virtual teams and engage in conversations with all stakeholders when it comes to the non traditional workforce. Plus you’ll gain insights through courageous conversations with women who have dared to make the leap to another job or even dared to go out on their own and start a business. Whether you are a woman who is mid career and feeling trapped with no options, a female entrepreneur who has successfully transitioned to a non traditional career and are looking for ways to grow, or an innovative leader of remote workers, Kathy delivers. Kathy Goughenour is an experienced and savvy business coach and trainer. She took her first leap after 18 years in corporate marketing to build a real estate marketing venture which she sold; to a business coach and trainer fulfilling her passion to empower women to build their legacy. Kathy has worked 100% virtually since 2001, and manages a non-traditional workforce of over 20 independent contractors. Kathy’s work has been featured in Forbes, International Freelancers Academy and The Huffington Post. To date she has helped hundreds of women dare to leap and daily inspires others to find their path to financial freedom. Remote work is here to stay. In addition to growing at rapid rates, data supports that remote workers are happier, more productive and healthier. Join the movement with Kathy and leading innovators in non traditional work to take your career, team or company to the next level.

Manufacturing Matters with The Council of Industry

  • Publisher: Harold King & Johnnieanne Hansen
  • Total Episodes: 88

Meet the people behind the products. For more than a century The Council of Industry has been supporting Hudson Valley manufacturers. Through training, advocacy, networking, information, workforce development and more The Council of Industry helps its member grow and prosper in and increasingly complicated global marketplace. From semi-conductors to Jet engine turbines – from apple pie filling to smoked salmon – from cosmetics to high definition micro displays – Council members make the products that make the world run.Through our podcast we introduce listeners to the people who own, work in, and support these businesses, businesses that together are the Council of Industry. We learn about their products and career paths. We learn about their leadership styles and their passion for their work. We learn about their challenges and their opportunities. In the process we learn more about manufacturing and why it is such a vital sector of our economy- vital to our region’s prosperity, our security and our future.We hope you enjoy listening and getting to know the people behind the products. If you have suggestions for people who are part of the Hudson Valley manufacturing community who you would like to know more about or think our listeners would enjoy hearing from please let us know by emailing [email protected]

The Biblical Healing Oils Institute

  • Publisher: Dr. Israel Spaulding
  • Total Episodes: 28

Welcome to the Biblical Healing Oils Institute Welcome to the Biblical Healing Oils of The Bible Podcast. These podcast and the information that you will discover here will lead you to a greater understanding of the Healing Oils of The Bible.You should definitely subscribe to get all my latest episodes. All oils are not created equal. To get quality results you must use quality oils. You need quality oils from a company with a proven track record. Are you interested in Free Essential Oil Training ? Also, my products are available on Ebay seller Options304 – Biblical Healing Oils. Hey, I almost forgot, here’s the link to my awesome website where you will discover great information as well as video testimonials and some of my amazing products. Also, check out my sponsors links to get amazing wholesale prices on Personal Security Products, Hidden Cameras, Stun-guns, and Pepper Sprays: Hey guys, if you are interested in supporting this ministry simply follow this link where you will find some of our Amazing Biblical Healing Oil products at The Biblical Healing Oils Institute educates people on the Healing Oils of The Bible. There are at least 30 Healing mentioned in the Bible with over 500 references to these amazing oils.Through the Biblical Healing Oils Institute people are gaining an understanding that before the inception of what is called modern medicine, God had ordained a natural system of healing and sustenance for the human body. What is being heralded today as “Alternative Medicine”, is actually original medicine. The health remedies that come from the earth and nature are truly the most traditional. Biblical Healing Oils are classified as Essential Oils, however, all Essential Oils are not Biblical Healing Oils. The great news is, I will be providing teaching and awesome information on both here at The Biblical Healing Oils Institute.. Contact Information: 423-800-1228 [email protected] Or Follow Us On Facebook – The Biblical Healing Oils Institute

The Insider Threat Podcast

  • Publisher: Steve Higdon
  • Total Episodes: 48

This is a podcast where we explore the issues today with the insider threat, or human factor, of our organizations. We also talk about ways to tackle those issues through training, culture, and technology in order to help information security and business professionals reduce risks in their environments. We have a patreon page for the podcast, located at . I don’t want to be too pushy for this, but a couple of you have asked about ways that you can support the show.

Cyber Coffee Talk with Dr. Heather Monthie

  • Publisher: Heather Monthie, PhD, CFI
  • Total Episodes: 42

Cyber Coffee Talk helps to create a more cyber-aware society.Host Heather Monthie, PhD is a former university professor, former Dean & Vice-President in IT & Cybersecurity Education, Career and Technical Education (CTE), and the Skilled-Trades, and is also a former elementary & middle school Computer Science teacher. Heather now speaks on important topics including cybersecurity awareness and training, cybersecurity for business, cybersecurity in education, and educational technology. (This show is formerly titled “About the T in STEM”) Visit us at

CyBOK — The Cybersecurity Body of Knowledge

  • Publisher: University of Bristol and the CyberWire
  • Total Episodes: 18

A comprehensive Body of Knowledge to inform and underpin education and professional training for the cyber security sector.

Defence and Security Debrief by CAE

  • Publisher: CAE
  • Total Episodes: 4

A CAE Defence Podcast about the future of simulation, training and mission solutions for defence forces and public safety and security organizations around the world. CAE Defence Podcast is brought to you by CAE, the global leader in training for the civi

Politics on Point

  • Publisher: AIES
  • Total Episodes: 7

Politics on Point – The Security Podcast to Go. For over 20 years (est. 1996), the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) is researching on various issues regarding the European Union and the European Integration Process. In doing so, the focus lies on European Security and Defence Policy with regards to the European Neighbourhood Policy, transatlantic relations as well as the Austrian Foreign-, European and Security Policy. The AIES is not only doing research on these subject areas, but also provides demand-oriented analysis and recommendations for contract partners. It is also organizing internal workshops, training courses and public discussions. In the course of this interdisciplinary work the AIES team of experts is using a network of research, political, economic, social and military institutions, facilities of the civil society, the media as well as international organisations.

One Step Ahead with Tom Czyz

  • Publisher: Tom Czyz
  • Total Episodes: 8

The One Step Ahead Podcast brings together people from all walks of life to talk about their individual experiences. From topics such as safety and security to entrepreneurship and small business, One Step Ahead provides listeners with great stories about facing down adversity and the advice and encouragement to push forward in life and business. Tom Czyz is the founder and CEO of Armoured One, a safety and security company that specializes in training and preparation against active shooter attacks. With nearly 20 years of experience in law enforcement (Homicide/SWAT), Tom is an expert in K-12 security and preparedness, as well as active shooter history and statistics.

DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program

  • Publisher: jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP, SAPPC, SFPC, ISOC
  • Total Episodes: 34

Interviews and topics centering on security clearances and protecting classified information according to the National Industrial Security Clearance Operating Manual (NISPOM).Did you know that employees with security clearances make up to 15% more than their counterparts? But many people don’t apply for security clearance jobs because they are worried about their past and others don’t apply because they don’t understand the process.Insider’s Guide to Security Clearances answers your questions and walks the reader through the process.It’s like having a security clearance roadmap and a private guide.What I’ve learned after over two decades in the field is that fear and misunderstandings stop people from making good career decisions such as applying for security clearance jobs. Just like any career goal or dream, you can probably list a few reasons why you should give up before you even try. Here are a few common misconceptions:I have a bad past; so they won’t give me a clearance. Everyone will see my personal secretsSecurity clearances cost a lot of moneyIt takes years to get a security clearanceSecurity clearances are too competitive; they’ll never give me oneNone of these are true. Insider’s Guide to Security Clearance gives you the real information and solutions you need to go after that security clearance job.Inside you’ll find answers to your security clearance questions and information you can use immediately. My name is Jeff Bennett and I’ve been working with a security clearance for decades. I understand the system well and want to share with you my knowledge. I’ve taught courses in college, given security training to corporations, led security teams, and written many books on the subject. I think you will be pleased with this book. If you like it, please provide a review and recommend it to your friends.Visit for links to our security clearance blog and podcast. We also have training at www.bennettinstitute.comWebsites and mentions: security clearance and classified work books and training security clearance and performing on classified work consulting and training How to Win Government Contracts and Classified Work… this on Youtube:


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