20 Best Law Enforcement Podcasts of 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about law enforcement? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best law enforcement podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us Threat.Technology (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Law Enforcement Podcasts 2021

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Best Case Worst Case

  • Publisher: Wondery | X-G Productions
  • Total Episodes: 235

We take you behind police lines. Former FBI profiler Jim Clemente & former federal prosecutor Francey Hakes get unparalleled access to law enforcement officers, looking back at their most memorable cases – for better or for worse.

The Vanished Podcast

  • Publisher: Wondery
  • Total Episodes: 267

The Vanished is a true crime podcast that explores the stories of those who have gone missing. The Vanished goes beyond conventional news reports to take a deep dive into the story of a different missing person each week. Host Marissa Jones brings you exclusive interviews with family members, friends, law enforcement and experts. What will The Vanished uncover next?

Law Enforcement Today Podcast

  • Publisher: John “Jay” Wiley
  • Total Episodes: 301

Get a glimpse of life behind the badge from real law enforcement officers. Plus, law enforcement officers, first responders, military veterans, victims of crime and their families tell their stories of the trauma they experienced and most importantly how they built the new lives they wanted afterwards.  This is the bi-weekly podcast of the nationally syndicated Law Enforcement Today radio show. It is part True Crime Show, part Cop Show and Part Human Interest show all rolled into one.  The show host,  John “Jay” Wiley, is a radio DJ and Retired Baltimore Police Sergeant. Guests on the show include Law Enforcement Officers, other first responders,military veterans, survivors of horrendous crimes and their families. The Law Enforcement Today radio show is syndicated on numerous radio stations across the U.S. and the podcast has been in continuous operation since March of 2017. The show can be described as part true crime show, part cop show and a human interest show all rolled into one. The Law Enforcement Today Podcast is a talk show that offers a realistic truthful portrayal of Law Enforcement Officers, other first responders, military veterans, crime victims and their families and their experiences. Background song Hurricane used by permission from the band Dark Horse Flyer, get more information about them and their music on their website. You can follow us and connect on social media, if you are in the Clubhouse Drop In Audio App make sure you follow our club LET Radio and Podcast. You can also find and follow the host of the show John J Wiley on the Clubhouse Drop In Audio Chat program. Like and follow our facebook page. Our Twitter account. Also on Instagram.

Case Unsolved

  • Publisher: The Day Publishing Co.
  • Total Episodes: 27

A podcast from The Day newsroom about unsolved murders in Connecticut, and the family, friends and law enforcement left without resolution.

Policing Matters

  • Publisher:
  • Total Episodes: 276

Talking the beat with leaders and experts. Police1 is the world’s most comprehensive and trusted online destination for law enforcement professionals, department decision-makers and industry experts. Founded in 1999, with more than 515,000 registered members representing more than 16,000 departments, Police1 effectively provides the law enforcement community with the information they need to protect their communities and come home safe after every shift.


  • Publisher: Tenderfoot TV & iHeartRadio
  • Total Episodes: 40

From the producers of Up and Vanished, Sworn pulls back the curtain on the criminal justice system, exposing the untold stories and hard truths behind major cases. Host Philip Holloway, a defense attorney and former prosecutor with a background in law enforcement, not only digs into the legal aspects of these cases but the emotional consequences of their outcomes.


  • Publisher: Ryan Tillman
  • Total Episodes: 101

The goal of the #ITSNEEDED Podcast is to bridge the gap between Law Enforcement and the community. The host, Ryan Tillman, is the founder of Breaking Barriers United and a police officer in Southern California. Ryan is joined by his co-host Officer Anthony Johnson, A.K.A. “The Dancing Cop”.

Be Effective Podcast

  • Publisher: Adam H.
  • Total Episodes: 37

The Be Effective Podcast with Adam Haidary, the CEO & founder of PolicePosts and Effective Fitness Training. Discussing everything from law enforcement, training, current critical incidents, and wherever the conversation goes.

Behind the Star

  • Publisher: Orange County Sheriff’s Office
  • Total Episodes: 47

Behind the Star is the official podcast of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the largest law enforcement agency in Central Florida. From forensics to dispatch to the deputies on patrol, we share stories and talk to the brave men and women of law enforcement.

Skillset Live

  • Publisher: Skillset Magazine
  • Total Episodes: 282

Weekly radio show hosted by the editors of Skillset Magazine. Each episode Jason Swarr and Ben Tirpak interview celebrities, athletes, industry leaders, military and law enforcement heroes and on occasion, give a tongue and cheek breakdown of our current social climate in America.

The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg

  • Publisher: Chuck Rosenberg, NBC News
  • Total Episodes: 57

Listen in on revealing and thoughtful conversations with fascinating men and women who took an oath to support and defend our Constitution and our nation – leaders in law enforcement, the military, the intelligence community, and many more. What inspired these people? What drew them to this work? How did they overcome adversity and failure? And what are the lessons for our country and our democracy as we move forward? These captivating stories exemplify what is best about our nation: integrity, civility, service, humility, and collective responsibility.

Tennessee Underground

  • Publisher: Jim Leach and Steve Bowers
  • Total Episodes: 328

Media and law enforcement experts combine to discuss contemporary law enforcement issues, ongoing investigations, and cold cases.


  • Publisher: Law&Crime
  • Total Episodes: 3

Law&Crime invites you to join Sgt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin of the Tulsa Police Department and his co-host, ICU Nurse Howard Doss, as they chat with those that wear the badge, informants, as well as community leaders. Coptales… peels back the curtain on law enforcement in a more casual and intimate setting, all while enjoying a good drink.

Police K9 Radio

  • Publisher: Gregg Tawney and Tim Kiesling
  • Total Episodes: 48

Police K9 Radio is hosted by Gregg Tawney and Rich Hartman. Gregg has 22 years of law enforcement experience, 15 of which were as a K9 handler. Gregg is also the owner of D-Tac K9 and is the trainer for 21 law enforcement agencies.  Rich has 15 years of K9 handling experience and is a trainer for D-Tac K9. Together they will be interviewing some of the top trainers and experts in the police K9 community and will be sharing their insight and experiences with you.


  • Publisher: Lieutenant Randy Sutton
  • Total Episodes: 230

America Out Loud Network © – The Voice of American Law Enforcement, Lieutenant Randy Sutton is recognized as one of the most highly decorated officers in America.

Things Police See: First Hand Accounts

  • Publisher: Steven Gould: Former Police Officer, Background Investigator, Vlogger
  • Total Episodes: 77

Former Massachusetts police officer Steve Gould interviews a variety of law enforcement officers about their most intense moments on the job. Shocking moments, humorous moments and terrifying moments are recalled by the officers that experienced them. Meet the variety of personalities that make up the police and get to know them on a personal level. You couldn’t make these stories up if you tried. **new episodes every Monday [email protected]

Slow Jams with Hester

  • Publisher: Chris Spangler
  • Total Episodes: 15

4 Law Enforcement dudes talking about nothing Law Enforcement related. Give your ears some hilarious times as you listen to Slow Jams that Nate Hester puts his twist on, that lead us to stories from our encounters together.

Coroner Talk™ | Death Investigation Training | Police and Law Enforcement

  • Publisher: Darren Dake
  • Total Episodes: 125

We are a community of professionals in the field of death investigation. Whether you’re a coroner, a member of local police or county law enforcement, an EMS professional, or medical examiner – or frankly, anyone in between, Coroner Talk™ is the right community for you. We provide training and resources to coroners and death investigators by and from professionals around the world, a peer to peer training environment. I recognized that the training available for coroners and small department investigators was limited by resources such as time away from department and expense. So, I developed Coroner Talk™. Darren is a 30 year veteran of law enforcement and criminal investigations. He currently serves as an investigator for the Crawford County Missouri coroner’s office. He holds credentials as an instructor for the Missouri Sheriff’s Training Academy (MSA), Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI). Has served as president of the Missouri Medical Examiners and Coroners Association, and is certified and credentialed in numerous fields of investigation. He holds the position of lead instructor and facilitator for the Death Investigation Training Academy (DITA) and for the Coroner Talk™ community as he speaks and writes in the area of death investigation and scene management.

Go Law Enforcement

  • Publisher: Go Law Enforcement
  • Total Episodes: 52

Inside career tips from Police Officers working in specialties such as Crime Scene Investigation, K-9, and Homicide Investigation. Learn how you can have a great career in law enforcement.


  • Publisher: VAULT Studios
  • Total Episodes: 16

Over the course of 19 days in March 2018, 23-year old Mark Anthony Conditt planted a series of homemade bombs around Austin neighborhoods, killing two, injuring five others, and paralyzing an entire city. Bomber tells the untold story of how law enforcement hunted down the 2018 Austin serial bomber and brought 19 days of terror to a sudden, cataclysmic end. Bomber is produced in collaboration with Austin’s ABC affiliate KVUE.


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