20 Best Defence Security Podcasts of 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about defence security? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best defence security podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. The American essay writing service also deserves attention if you are facing problems completing your assignments. This service will save you time and help you delegate all your work. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Defence Security Podcasts 2021

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The World of Intelligence

  • Publisher: Janes
  • Total Episodes: 43

Janes delivers validated open-source defence intelligence across four core capability areas threat, equipment, defence industry and country that are aligned with workflows across the defence industry, national security and government.

The CGAI Podcast Network

  • Publisher: The Canadian Global Affairs Institute
  • Total Episodes: 433

The CGAI Podcast Network is created and produced by the Canadian Global Affairs Institute in Ottawa, Canada. Join us each week as hosts Dave Perry, Colin Robertson, Stephen Saideman, and Stefanie von Hlatky dig in to the defence and international affairs stories that matter to Canadians. The CGAI Podcast Network produces three unique weekly programs: “The Global Exchange”, hosted by Colin Robertson, and released every Monday, engages subject-matter experts and Canadian stake-holders on a variety of topical international issues such as trade, foreign policy, international development, diplomacy, global security, and geopolitics. “Battle Rhythm”, hosted by Stephen Saideman and Stefanie von Hlatky, co-produced with the CDSN, and released every second Wednesday, will feature timely discussion on the defence and security issues of the day, as well as feature conversations with academics and graduate students. “Defence Deconstructed”, hosted by Dave Perry, and released every Friday, engages various defence experts and officials on the pressing defence and security issues Canada faces today and tomorrow. Subscribe to the CGAI Podcast Network on iTunes, or wherever you get your Podcasts, and Follow us on SoundCloud! Visit for more, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn! The Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI) is a charitable, independent, non-partisan, research institute based in Ottawa and Calgary, Canada.

War Studies

  • Publisher: Department of War Studies
  • Total Episodes: 93

Welcome to the War Studies podcast. We bring you world-leading research from the School of Security Studies at King’s College London, the largest community of scholars in the world dedicated to the study of all aspects of security, defence and international relations. We aim to explore the complex realm of conflict and uncover the challenges at the heart of navigating world affairs and diplomatic relations, because we believe the study of war is fundamental to understanding the world we live in and the world we want to live in. If you’ve enjoyed this podcast, please rate and review us on your preferred podcast provider – it really helps us reach more listeners. The School of Security Studies harnesses the depth and breadth of expertise across War Studies and Defence Studies to produce world-leading research and teaching on issues of global security that develops new empirical knowledge, employs innovative theory, and addresses vital policy issues. Visit our website: Sign up to our mailing list: DISCLAIMER: Any information, statements or opinions contained in these podcasts are those of the individual speakers. They do not represent the opinions of the Department of War Studies or King’s College London.

The Vanguard Podcast

  • Publisher: Vanguard Canada
  • Total Episodes: 114

Vanguard is Canada’s oldest trade journal of record that provides a forum for Canada’s security and defence community, discussing strategic perspectives and overviews of government and military policy and practice, through interviews with leading practitioners and contributions from renowned experts, including representatives from industry. The Vanguard Podcast follows in the footsteps of this great history and seeks to serve the Canadian Government by providing clear and concise information to educate on policy, trends, and industry news.

Bridging The Oceans

  • Publisher: The Royal United Services Institute
  • Total Episodes: 15

An exploration of the top defence and security issues in the Indo-Pacific region.

Winging It – An ADS Podcast

  • Publisher: ADS Group
  • Total Episodes: 17

Podcast from ADS Group on the UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space sectors.

Defence and Security Debrief by CAE

  • Publisher: CAE
  • Total Episodes: 4

A CAE Defence Podcast about the future of simulation, training and mission solutions for defence forces and public safety and security organizations around the world. CAE Defence Podcast is brought to you by CAE, the global leader in training for the civi

Safe in Space: A Cyber Security Podcast

  • Publisher: Content Security
  • Total Episodes: 15

A cybersecurity podcast helping you play defence in the digital universe. On this show we’ll be discussing everything from industry best practices to how to get the most out of your budget. We’ll be sitting down with industry experts, analysts and even CISOs from some of Australia’s largest organisations so you can learn how they’re playing defence in 2019.

A View from Afar

  • Publisher: Evening Report
  • Total Episodes: 14

A View from Afar broadcasts weekly a live and on-demand program featuring Paul G. Buchanan from and Selwyn Manning from where they discuss and debate global topics spanning geopolitics, world news, security, defence and intelligence.

The Dark State

  • Publisher: The Dark State
  • Total Episodes: 8

The Dark State is a new podcast about the security threats facing modern Ireland and further afield. The podcast is hosted by the journalist John Mooney, who interviews experts on organised crime, terrorism, national security and defence to bring you an inside perspective on the most pressing issues of the day. The Dark State provides new episodes to patrons on a subscription only basis. A free episode is released monthly on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Podcasts to promote a better understanding of security issues. Please subscribe to to gain unlimited access to all episodes.

Chatting With Ingram

  • Publisher: Philip Ingram MBE
  • Total Episodes: 44

The Chatting With Ingram podcasts take global issues and chat them through with industry and thought leaders bringing unique insights into life, the universe and everything, as the quote goes. The series focuses on people, security, defence, cyber, intelligence, business, terrorism, spies, current affairs and just fun chats with great people hosted by Philip Ingram MBE.

Politics on Point

  • Publisher: AIES
  • Total Episodes: 8

Politics on Point – The Security Podcast to Go. For over 20 years (est. 1996), the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) is researching on various issues regarding the European Union and the European Integration Process. In doing so, the focus lies on European Security and Defence Policy with regards to the European Neighbourhood Policy, transatlantic relations as well as the Austrian Foreign-, European and Security Policy. The AIES is not only doing research on these subject areas, but also provides demand-oriented analysis and recommendations for contract partners. It is also organizing internal workshops, training courses and public discussions. In the course of this interdisciplinary work the AIES team of experts is using a network of research, political, economic, social and military institutions, facilities of the civil society, the media as well as international organisations.


  • Publisher: Auscast Network
  • Total Episodes: 93

Dr. John Bruni is Founder and CEO of SAGE International Australia (SIA), an Adelaide-based private think tank specialising in the analysis of foreign policy, international and national security issues in Australia’s ‘defence state’ of South Australia (SA). Est. in 2008, and partners of the Swiss Centre for Security Studies (CSS), ETH Zurich, we are the only institution of its type in SA and STRATEGIKON, created in 2016, is the podcast of SIA.

AHAA! Moments…

  • Publisher: David Kwasha
  • Total Episodes: 8

We remember where we were and what we were doing when those AHAA! Moments occurred, and our lives are changed forever. This podcast series shares with you the AHAA! Moments of well renowned Australian and international leaders, covering topics as broad as artificial intelligence, the future of work, gender equity, women’s reproductive rights, cybersecurity, sustainability and geopolitics, from the likes of Wendy McCarthy, Bernard Salt, Ann Sherry, and Keith Suter to name just a few. In this first episode of AHAA! Moments, we present a trailer for the entire 2020 series by Avril. Following you will have the opportunity to hear Avril interviewed by Avril Henry & Associates CEO, David Kwasha, as we discuss her AHAA! Moments during an illustrious career as a transformational leader in the corporate world to becoming a renowned speaker, author, coach and consultant after deliberately leaving corporate life and setting up her own independent business – Avril Henry and Associates. As the series evolves over 2020, Avril and her amazing guests give us all thought provoking and illuminating insight into their own epiphanies with unique and inspiring lessons in a broad breadth of topics for leaders now and in the near future. Avril Henry is the Founder and Executive Director of Avril Henry & Associates. An acclaimed keynote speaker, consultant, coach, mentor and author, who is passionate about diversity and inclusion, developing collaborative leaders and positive workplaces. Over 16 years her consulting business has helped organisations to change their culture and build their leadership capability. Avril’s career has spanned senior roles in finance, project management, change management and human resources in South Africa, Australia, the UK and USA. In 2015 Avril was named one of the Australian Financial Review (AFR) Westpac 100 Women of Influence in Australia, and one of the 10 most influential women in the diversity space. She has been recognised by the Human Rights Commission and received business awards in Australia and the USA, for her diversity programs. She has received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement in HR Award at the Australian Human Resources Awards and received a global award for Excellence in Leadership Coaching. Avril has been a senior advisor on cultural transformation, gender and diversity to the Chief of Defence, Chief of Army, Australia; the ACT Commissioner of Emergency Services and was a member of the Navy People & Capability Committee for over a decade. Avril has coached Generals and Brigadiers in the Australian Army, including the Chief of Army and Head of Special Forces, ambassadors in foreign services and CEOs. Her clients cover banks, mining, construction, IT, health, universities, pharmaceuticals and biotech’s, state & federal government departments and cabinet ministries. She is the author and co-author of several books on leadership, the different generations at work and gender. Avril is regularly on ABC national radio and TV and writes for several business magazines. She lives in Sydney and Mollymook with her husband and two Spoodles, who keep her grounded!

African Defence Review Podcast

  • Publisher: African Defence Review
  • Total Episodes: 72

A regular podcast series from African Defence Review, focusing on news, features and analysis of developments in peace and security on the African continent.

Laughton Unit

  • Publisher: Laughton Naval History Unit, Kings College London
  • Total Episodes: 6

*Our audio feed and recordings is now part of KCL War Studies Soundcloud and iTunes, link: or iTunes: The Laughton Unit is the global home to the discipline of naval history. It is a intellectual forum that researches and educates in the field naval history, naval theory, maritime strategy and fields such as sea power and defence. It is based in the Department of War Studies, School of Security Studies, King’s College London. The Laughton Unit provides the ideal basis for original and challenging research while also preparing the next generation of thinkers from all around the world, ready and able, for a spectrum of career possibilities and destinations from theory to practice. DISCLAIMER: Any information, statements or opinions contained in these podcasts are those of the individual speakers. They do not represent the opinions of the Department of War Studies or King’s College London.

Iraq – A Decade of New Governance

  • Publisher: Cambridge University
  • Total Episodes: 8

2013 marks the ten year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by US and UK forces, the swift and catastrophic collapse of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist regime, and the beginning of a period of occupation and radical societal change. On 16th October 2003, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1511 unanimously sanctioned a long-term international presence in Iraq effectively handing control of the country to Washington. This landmark date acts as the anchor of post- conflict governance in Iraq. The latter years of the past decade have seen the fledgling post-Ba’athist Iraq situated in an increasingly fragile landscape. The centralisation of power by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, including his increasing influence over the Ministries of Defence and Interior, the integrity and electoral commissions, the central bank, and the judiciary, was challenged by a seemingly cross- ethnic and cross-communal alliance that included the Kurdistan Alliance, led by Masoud Barzani, al-Ahrar (Sadrists), led by Muqtada al-Sadr, and al-Iraqiya, led by Ayad Allawi. The April 2013 provincial elections proved that the PM’s consolidation of power and attempt to create an external Sunni, intra-Shi’i, and Kurdish threat was not impenetrable, as his State of Law Coalition did not gain as many seats as expected, particularly among its Shi’i base. 10 years on, Iraqis are still faced with a security dilemma. According to the Iraqi government, May 2013 accounted for 630 civilian deaths caused by insurgents – the highest since April 2008. In addition, the government appears unable to meet the needs of its citizenry – a Gallup poll suggests increasing dissatisfaction with government services (security, electricity, health, water, employment, and education), from 50% in 2010 to 64% in 2012. While the militarized sectarianism that engulfed Iraq in a civil war from 2006-2008 is no longer a factor, the Iraqi polity is still marred by divisions. This conference seeks to address a number of core issues, including the strength of political trust and citizenship, the socio-economic situation and prospects for an oil-exporting future, and the precarious domestic and regional security environment. Tensions over the Iranian nuclear programme continue to escalate, whilst Syria is undergoing a process of cataclysmic disintegration. Throughout the region, the tremors and after-shocks of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ seem to show no signs of abatement, as both post-revolution societies, and those in which no radical change has taken place, wrestle with a wide range of political and social dilemmas stemming from issues of self-definition and self-realisation. Some claim that Iraq was the first domino in the ‘Arab Spring’ pack. Regardless of the (un)likelihood of this line of argument, the experience of Iraq may have important things to teach us with respect to other Arab nations undergoing similar radical social and political upheaval – particularly with non- homogenous populations. Weaving together salient themes from Politics and International Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Economics, Law, Sociology, History, and Anthropology, and drawing in experts and practitioners from these fields, this conference will offer theoretical and empirical insights into contemporary Iraq. The lessons learned will be used to aid and direct future research and theoretical modelling in post-conflict states and societies. Moreover,following a request from the Iraq Institute for Strategic Studies, this conference will also launch the Iraq Studies Academic Network, intended to bring together students and scholars and to provide an ongoing resource database for continued research. The conference plans to engage post-graduate students from multiple faculties with the officials and academics that have played a role in the study of Iraq. Panels will spend considerable time answering questions from the floor, where Undergraduate, MPhil, and PhD students will be encouraged to participate fully. Selected PhD students, after an application process, will also be invited to dinner with guest speakers to continue discussions in a social setting.

UNSW Defence Research Institute

  • Publisher: UNSW Defence Research Institute
  • Total Episodes: 8

Our mission is to deliver world-class defence research to enhance Australia’s security.

Centre for Military Studies Podcast

  • Publisher: Centre for Military Studies
  • Total Episodes: 4

Defence and Security Politics – International conditions for Danish decisions. Research-based seminars, discussions and interviews. Listen to Centre for Military Studies Podcast.

The Defence Café

  • Publisher: FNF Europe
  • Total Episodes: 8

“The Defence Café is the security and defence podcast of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Brussels (FNF Europe). As European states are confronted with a host of security challenges, they are prompted more than ever to cooperate. This, however, requires trust and compassion, because the world looks different from Estonia than it looks from Spain. For deeper cooperation to occur, deeper communication is needed first. And for deeper communication to be successful, a good cup of coffee is required.In the Defence Café, your hosts Teresa Reiter and Sebastian Vagt will travel across Europe and meet one inspiring individual per episode. Guests in the Defence Café will talk about their ideas on European defence – but also about their countries’ curiosities. Because Europe is united in military diversity.

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